Remembering Vine


New York Magazine.

A tombstone symbolizes the death of one of the most iconic apps of the 21st century.

As 2018 approaches, the somber anniversary of the day the popular video app Vine was deleted draws closer. Originally pitched as an asset to Twitter, the purpose of Vine was to capture any aspect of life in just six seconds. Users ran with the idea and accepted the challenge of making big things happen in such a small time, composing song clips, attempting wild tricks, or pulling pranks. Throughout its time, Vine ultimately dedicated itself to the wonder found in more unconventional clips and ones that happened in the blink of an eye or on accident soon became world famous.
Other media formats like Instagram seem to have a recipe for the perfect post: good lighting, an interesting angle, and an aesthetically pleasing focal point. Vine only consisted of one thing-the ability to make you laugh so hard your sides hurt.
People cope with the grief by resorting to Twitter to view Vine compilations, which include iconic Vines such as “Ms. Keisha,” “I could have dropped my croissant,” and “Mr. Postman.”
Although Vine is dead, Vine culture still plays a vital role on social media and in real life as well. Vine lovers are frequently known to “speak in Vines,” meaning they can recite many of the short clips by heart, serving as comic relief that eases the pain of such a sudden leave from the virtual world.
When asked if she has any strong feelings on the removal of Vine, Sanderson science teacher Ms. Taylor’s eyes widened as she exclaimed, “I miss Vine so much! I love the one where the girl says ‘chocolate vanilla swirl with cookie crunch please.’ Thinking about Vine brings back great memories.”
Sanderson sophomore Brandie DeJesus stated, “I think about certain Vines in class and can’t help but laugh! Whenever I was sad, down, or bored, I could always look forward to watching Vines to put me back in a better mood. As crazy as it sounds, I could also bond with other people over Vine if we shared the same love for a video.”
Vine most definitely touched the lives of all those it entered, and the joy it brought can never be taken back.