SHS athletics are back on (the) track


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Spartan athletes are ready to enjoy the new track.

After a long and arduous construction hiatus, Sanderson’s new track is fully installed and ready to use. Much to the dismay of Spartan sports teams, work on the track was delayed for months after the intended completion date of August 15, rendering it unusable for most of the fall sports season.
Sanderson athletic director Raymond Lewis stated that the biggest setback was that “we had to play several soccer and football games away that should have been home games.” The cross country team only hosted one home meet because of the construction. This was unfortunate for fall sports teams because it took away the home advantage for many events, but it didn’t stop the Spartans from excelling.
The new and improved track has many accommodating features, which was a partial cause of the delay. “They put in a new foundation, fixed drainage issues, and moved events like hurdles and long jump around in a way that makes more sense,” Lewis stated. The full restoration, completed with a fresh coat of paint marking the lanes, took six months to finalize. It was necessary, as the old track was installed in 2003.
Spartan sports are back in full swing for the winter season, and the track team is already putting the brand new track to good use in workouts. The baseball and lacrosse teams are using it for off-season training as well.
The track was definitely missed during the fall sports season, but Spartan athletics will enjoy it for years to come.