“Late Night with Roy” instills pride in Tar Heel fans


Savannah Gunter

The 2017 National Championship banner was unfurled during Late Night with Roy.

On October 13, thousands of Tar Heel fans gathered in the Smith Center for Late Night with Roy. The event has been a kickoff for the UNC basketball season for the past fifteen years. This year was particularly distinct because UNC men’s basketball won the 2016-2017 NCAA National Championship this past season. The banner was unfurled at the celebration with reverence and pride.    

 The event began with the introduction of the players on both the women and men’s basketball teams. UNC Alum Kenny Smith, a two-time NBA basketball champion on the UNC team and current Turner Sports analyst, hosted the night. Other highlights included the men’s team performing a dance with the cheerleaders, a dance team routine, and both a woman’s team scrimmage and men’s team scrimmage. Lastly, the players recreated famous plays made by notable Tarheels before them in a contest.

 Sanderson Sophomore Lane Swecker attended Late Night with Roy this year. Swecker, an avid Tar Heel fan, said “It was a really cool experience since I had only been to UNC a few times. It was neat to see all those people there to kick off the start of the season.”

 The night was a way for all generations of UNC fans to celebrate their recent National Championship victory and get excited for the upcoming basketball season. Catch the Tar Heels in their first basketball game on November 10 against Northern Iowa.