Health and fitness trends vary across world

Venturing all the way from Brno, Czech Republic, Sanderson foreign exchange student Tereza Stibalova only needs her health and fitness to feel at home in the United States. Stibalova is currently living with Sanderson staff member Mrs.Taylor as part of the ISE exchange program.  Becoming somewhat of a fitness blogger, she has racked up 16.7 thousand (and counting) followers on her Instagram page, @terezastibalova, where she posts pictures and videos of her workouts, and recipes.

 Since her arrival in August, Stibalova has joined the Sanderson cross country team and attends practice regularly. In addition to running, she also exercises and lifts weights at the gym daily.              

 Stibalova plans and organizes specific workouts that go along with her nutritious diet. “I started going to the gym two years ago and got into nutrition about a year later. I wanted to have a better figure and improve my health. Now I count my macronutrients, protein, carbs, and so forth,” she stated.

 Throughout the process, Stibalova has discovered an array of foods she never knew she liked, and she has learned to cook like a professional chef. She explained “I get recipe inspiration from other fitness bloggers, especially fitness girls back in the Czech Republic. I frequently change up ingredients, using my favorite foods to make my own recipes.”

 The U.S based Quest Nutrition took an interest in Stibalova’s lifestyle that is displayed on her page. They contacted her saying they would send her products to her to promote by posting about them on her account. Strengthening her body at the gym four to five days a week gives Stibalova ample opportunities to experiment with different Quest products and other fresh ingredients she finds at the store. Balancing what she eats with how she trains has increasingly improved Stibalova’s outlook on life as a whole. “The feeling is wonderful, and everything seems so much better,” she attested. A true advocate for endorphins, the young woman is using her strengths, literally and figuratively, to open doors for a bright and well balanced future.