Buffets burst with bacteria


Carousel Restaurant

Carousel which is a five star buffet located in Singapore.

 The aroma of fried chicken, mounds of mashed potatoes, endless amounts of mac’n’cheese, and fountains of chocolate, can only mean one thing: buffets. The all-you-can eat heaven that is cost efficient, option filled, and diverse is also potentially a feast swarming with bacteria.

 Buffets could be serving E.coli, Salmonella, and Shigella, which are all bacteria foodborne illnesses, along with pizza and wings. Every consumer touches the same pair of tongs, continually spreading germs. Exposure to bacteria in an eatery increases the risk of disease transmission.

 Rows of food can trick our appetites, making our eyes to become bigger than our stomachs. All of the slices of pizza and cinnamon buns stacked onto the plate will not be eaten. Excessive amounts of food can lead to obesity and other weight related health issues if eaten regularly. “All-you-can-eats” aren’t recommended for those who care about their calorie intake. A big scoop of bourbon chicken contains about 3,100 calories. However, buffets are a cheap alternative to restaurants, because you consume more for less.  Does this mean all buffets are bad? No, but diners should be careful about the time and place.

 Prime times to visit a buffet are when it first opens, noon, and at five o’clock. Buffet style restaurants are expected to throw away food that has been left out for longer than two hours, but rarely do. Once the mac’n’cheese becomes crusty and the mashed potatoes grow cold, the dream of endless, delicious, mouth-watering food becomes a bacteria-filled nightmare.