Dripping sweat to growing goosebumps


Damia Jones

Sanderson students Tyler Adams and Cashel Gattens are burning up in room 212.

In one class it’s Antarctica and across the hall it’s Sudan. During first and second period, you’ll need a sweatshirt, while in third and fourth you’ll be sweating through your shirt. Mr. Rutherford’s third period English class should make “Hot in Here” by Nelly their theme song, whereas Mrs. Ammon’s class will have you singing, “Baby, It’s Cold Inside.”  

  Wake County decided to cut back on cleaning, heating, and air conditioning in public schools as a cost saving method in 2016. Junior Calah Jewell stated, “In my math class, it’s so stuffy that I can barely breathe.” Teachers have to use their own money to buy fans, and open windows and doors are a common trend throughout Sanderson.

 Since Wake County cut back on air conditioning, one might think it would be a problem for all Wake County schools. However, Millbrook and Wake Forest students say their air conditioning works just fine. Sanderson, on the other hand, has sporadic heat waves and constant chills.  

 Although Wake County is doing their best, these different classroom temperatures are unacceptable. It could be Sanderson’s air flow in need of a checkup. A WCPSS technician stated, “I come to change the filter every ninety days and some become more clogged than others, which may affect airflow.” Can we blame the stuffy classrooms for having clogged filters? Classrooms should have cleaner filters so their air circulation will run smoother.