A convict to a model


NY Daily News

Used-to-be convict is now a stunning model.

Jeremy Meeks, generally referred to as “hot convict” because of his strong jawline and blue-grey eyes, was sentenced in 2015 for weapon violations. In 2016 his mugshot went viral on social media and model agencies began to call. He can now be seen walking runways with A-list celebrities in the crowd.

 Mugshots became modeling profiles in the year 2016. It began with Jeremy Meeks, and here in Raleigh we have Alysa Bathrick, and Mekhi Lucky stepping out as stars. They were all felons who now have modeling careers.

 Alysa Bathrick was arrested in downtown Raleigh for a misdemeanor probation violation. She later posted on her Twitter, “Surrendered myself at 7 am, got released at 11:30 am…and my mugshot’s cute.” She was recently arrested in January for shoplifting, adding a fourth mugshot to her collection. She is currently signed with Freelance Modeling.

 Mekhi Lucky is the latest “inmate” model was arrested in Wake County for speeding and driving a stolen vehicle. His genetic condition of heterochromia; which is a one blue eye, one brown eye deformity, and strong jawline earned him the title of “prison bae.” He was never sent to prison but did have some time in Wake County jail. Once released, he was signed by St. Claire Modeling.

 Maybe considering some eyeliner or a eyebrow touch-up in a mugshot will lead to a promising career in modeling. The future holds promising mugshots. Who could be the next “prison bae”?