iPhone X sets tone for tech of the next decade



The new iPhone X features an edge-to-edge interface and no home button.

Apple once again takes tech to the future with the recent introduction of five new models of the iPhone, along with the release of IOS 11.  The most popular model, the iPhone X, features edge-to-edge display, richer colors, and facial recognition to unlock the device without the use of a physical home button.  The phone is to be released November 3 for $999.  

 The standard iPhone X contains 64GB of storage, a smaller amount compared to past Apple phones.  The price increase compared to later models is due to the inclusion of more expensive parts, including a 3D sensor and increased memory capability.  

 Discussing the new capabilities of the iPhone X, sophomore Dallin Cox stated, “I am most excited for the possibility of a wireless charger because I always lose mine.  I think it will be easier if I can just put my phone down for it to charge.”

 For those who do not choose to upgrade to the iPhone X, they can still update their iPhone’s current operating system to IOS 11 for free.  The new system will include a one-handed keyboard, a more organized control center, and split screen capabilities.  

 “My favorite part of the new IOS is how the GPS tells you what lane you’re in.  It’s really helpful on unfamiliar roads,” declared Junior Risa Bolash.  

 Pre-orders for the new phones begin on Friday, October 27, with shipping starting November 3.  The supply is expected to be extremely limited, so act fast if you’re interested in this new product.