Sanderson How To: Carpool Line

  At the beginning of every school day, parents and students have to go through the mess that is Sanderson’s carpool line. Administration has released “suggestions” for the most efficient way of going about this madness, but everyone knows the balderdash they come up with is useless because they have absolutely no experience in running a school. They don’t have PhDs in Carpoolology, so their methods will obviously never measure up to the expertise that ordinary carpool users have gained over the years.

Here is administration’s mumbo jumbo:

Here are some of my tutorials for how to take on the carpool line:

  • In order to practice your merging techniques, you should attempt to switch lines at carpool as many times a possible.




  • Instead of going through the actual line, just do donuts in the middle of the lane to confuse everyone.
  • Take a nap in the middle of the carpool line, so you can get your full eight hours of sleep.
  • Make a barricade with your friends and ask for the password of the day in order for people to get into the parking lot!



  In the end, the carpool line can be a lot of fun if you know the tips and tricks! Remember, ignore the administration’s recommendations at all costs because it will make everyone’s life easier!