“Invest in Our Planet” with EAC’s Earth Day Campaign


Fredericksburg Parent

Be a part of the change with Sanderson’s very own EAC.

  After a slight change in plans, Sanderson’s Environmental Awareness Club will resume its initiative of hosting its Annual April Earth Day Campaign throughout the course of next week: April 25th to the 29th. 

  Originally, the campaign was to take place the week of Earth Day, which was on Friday, April 23rd, 2022. Due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts, the dates were revised to allow time for club officers to maximize the experience students will be able to gain. 

  EARTHDAY.ORG’s theme for this year is “Invest in Our Planet”–an initiative which carries over into the EAC’s bountiful calendar for the upcoming week. 

  The EAC’s instagram will post daily themes, challenges, and projects, as well as other tools that students, faculty, and members of the local community can utilize to contribute to the fight to protect the planet from further devastation. 


“Mother Nature MONDAY

  To kick off the week, students are encouraged to spend some time outside, appreciating and revelling the beauty of nature. The challenge of the day is to spend at least 30 minutes in the sun–whether it be in solace or with a group of friends. 

  The EAC is offering a Nature Walk after school the same day (the 25th) at 2:30 pm. Students are planning to meet outside of the football stadium entrance. Everyone is invited!

  The aligned objective for this day is to promote a sense of awareness and urgency. EARTHDAY.ORG emphasizes the vitality of Climate Literacy, and it supports efforts to capture alluring moments of flora and fauna via projects like Artists for the Earth


“‘I speak for the trees’ TUESDAY”

  As representatives of the Lorax himself, EAC members are encouraging Spartans to reduce their usage of paper products–not just for the day, but in their day-to-day lives. 

  The courtyard outside of the gym lobby will be the center for the Tree Planting event hosted after school at 2:30 pm on Tuesday (the 26th). All materials will be provided. 

  Those who don’t have the time to attend in-person have the opportunity to contribute to another commendable endeavor by EARTHDAY.ORG called The Canopy Project. By donating a mere dollar, a tree will be planted in an area previously impacted by deforestation. 


“Anything but a plastic water bottle WEDNESDAY”

  In an effort to counteract the impacts of pollution and personal waste, Sanderson students will be mimicking the ‘anything but a backpack’ trend seen on various social media platforms, such as TikTok. 

  Spartans can bring anything from the generic reusable water bottles to coffee mugs, bowls, or old jars to drink from. Avoiding excess waste in general is also a key point of focus, as the ocean in particular faces the abominable impacts of the improper disposal of trash. 

  The Great Global Clean-up and Foodprints for the Future initiatives are working tirelessly to help Earth recover from decades of pollution. 


“Thrifty THURSDAY”

  Fast fashion is undoubtedly a source of a multitude of climate issues faced globally, in addition to ethical conflicts with its notable use of child labor and worker exploitation. 

  Despite the rise in thrifting, many individuals continue to support big named companies that manipulate and overuse their employees for profit. 

  Thursday will mark the day students will make it a point to demonstrate their support of reusing clothing. Spartans: feel free to wear your best thrifted or hand-me-down outfit you can muster. 

  Post your ‘fit’ on social media and tag any of the following: #InvestInOurplanet #WhatWillYouDo #EarthDay #EarthDayEveryDay #ClimateChange #Environment #Sustainability #TakeAction. 

  Consumer purchasing power is real, and it plays a massive role in supply and demand–in addition to the decisions of big and small businesses. 

  The EAC will hold a clothing drive throughout the entirety of the week, with collections being finalized on Thursday, April 28th–no later than 2:30 pm. Donations can be dropped off in room 232 (Ms. Herlacher, the Faculty Advisor for EAC). 


“Belated–Earth Day FRIDAY”

  Despite the fact this campaign is taking place a week later than originally planned, “investing in our plant” should be something that is done everyday, by each and every person who has the ability to do so. 

  The promotion of a green economy and foraging the sustainability revolution is a train that people should hop on if they haven’t done so to date. Wear a green or Earth-toned shirt or outfit to represent your support. 


  The EAC will continue to engage in projects that will work to evolve Sanderson’s sustainability awareness from a cultural level. Additionally, it has been suggested that numerous engagements are currently in the works to reduce the school’s ecological footprint. 

  There is an exciting future ahead for the EAC! Happy Earth Day! #InvestInOurPlanet