Volunteer Opportunities Across Raleigh


Poole College of Management

Here are a few volunteering opportunities available around the Triangle.

  Volunteering opportunities may be a little hard to come by, especially for students. Considering COVID restrictions, a busy school schedule, sports teams, and extracurricular activities, making extra time may be a tad tedious.

  Luckily, Raleigh is full of many helpful organizations that strive to better our community, along with many openings that one can take upon themselves to improve their environments, neighbors lives, and society as a whole. Without further adieu, lets jump right into some volunteering opportunities that Spartans can take part in.


  • Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina (1924 Capital Blvd.)

  The food bank is an extremely hands-on volunteer experience. Those who participate in activities at the food bank often pack meals for those all across Central and Eastern North Carolina.

  Last year, the Food Bank provided over 115 million meals. YOU can contribute by giving 3 hours of an afternoon, or night on a weekday or weekend.

  • Food Drives

  At Sanderson, we take massive pride in our contributions to the food drive, as we raise a large amount of food and money each year for the drive. But, food drive opportunities are not limited to Sanderson. 

  Students can donate to year-round food drives across the city. Whether it be a church, swimming club, or another outside organization, donating to a food drive goes a long way.

  • Adopt-A-Highway

  The Adopt-A-Highway program is one in which an organization takes care of a freeway by picking up the trash, and maintaining the surroundings every so often. Spartans can do this through school clubs, outside sources, or simply by themselves or with a group of families.

  • Park Cleanups

  Within the vicinity of Sanderson, there are many beautiful parks. Unfortunately, trash and many other factors disrupting the national beauty of public parks are inevitable.

  Cleaning up a park can be through a school club, or an outside group. Dedicating 30 minutes to an hour may go a long way when it comes to maintaining parks across the city.

  • Red Cross- Giving Blood 

  As of now, there is a nation-wide blood shortage. Appointments for blood drawing can be made online through the Red Cross website.

  • Habitat for Humanity (8009 Glenwood Ave.)

  In North Carolina, there are many who struggle to find affordable housing. Habitat for Humanity assists with that issue, by building homes for those who cannot afford one.

  By helping Habitat for Humanity, one may help with the construction of homes. This, of course, is very hands on, and extremely helpful to many across North Carolina.