The Great British Bake Off: Collection 9 Takes the Cake


Marie Claire

“It’s over proved.”– Paul Hollywood

  Everyone’s favorite baking show is back for a new season, jam-packed with charming British accents, delicious confections, and Paul Hollywood’s judgmental eye.

  A dozen fresh bakers entered the white tent in Essex with hopes of being crowned the ultimate Star Baker. Facing rounds of signatures, technicals, and show-stoppers, this eclectic bunch of amateur bakers is particularly assorted in experience.

  The epitome of this diverse bunch is Chigs, a self-taught baker who found a new passion for baking at the start of the pandemic. Beginning as an underdog and slowly climbing to the top, Chigs claimed the title of Star Baker for the second time thus far. “Getting one was brilliant, but getting two? Wow,” Chigs gushed during an in-show interview, “It feels good and I just get more and more confident week on week.”

  Although fans said goodbye to the first fully vegan contestant Freya during a heartbreaking finale to episode 5, the 19-year old baker shattered viewers’ expectations for a vegan baker. Using aquafaba, an intricate vegan substitute for egg whites, Freya displayed a refined mastery that took the judges by storm.

  Italian baker Giuseppe incorporates ingredients from his heritage into his desserts any chance he gets. Employed in Bristol as an Engineer, the baker brings both precision and accuracy to his bakes, earning him high rankings week after week. The most notable skill of this baker is his presentation, which he must have inherited from his father, a professional chef.

  From the moment the first episode aired, baker Jürgen was identified as a fan favorite. The 56-year-old from the Black Forest region of Germany won challenge after challenge, however placing second during the German Week technical challenge of Prinzregententorte cookies (much to the outrage of Bake Off fans). With three Star Baker awards under his belt, Jürgen is identified as one of the strongest bakers on the show. Twitter user @ADB11O tweeted, “[The Great British Bake Off] more than other competition shows has a clear winner from episode 2 or 3. Especially the last few seasons. Jurgen is going to win with an outside chance of Giuseppe if he blows it out of the park…”

  With three unreleased episodes tempting Bake Off fans, the winner will be revealed on November 23rd, 2021. Home bakers interested in catching up on the show can find the previously released episodes on Netflix, and follow in the footsteps of their favorite baker by using the recipes linked here.