“It’s Very Greek!”: Navigating the Graecia Archipelago


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Caption: Let’s take a closer look at a trilogy of Greek Isles and their Aegean quaintness.

  As Rosie said to Tanya in the classic motion picture, Mamma Mia!: “It’s very Greek!” That’s exactly what people think when they visualize illustrious cyan domed architecture and dazzlingly luminescent aqua pura. The number of inhabited Greek Islands ranges from 166 to 227—the most noteworthy being Santorini, Mykonos, and Crete. While these are some of the most touristic and highly acclaimed isles, there are a myriad of other glittering gems that radiate Aegean quaintness and lure.  


  Dubbed “the island that time forgot”, Ikaria is a secluded haven nestled in the Aegean Sea between the Greek mainland and Turkey. Its distinguished idiosyncrasy is that the locals tend to live abnormally long lives, making the timeless oasis one of the world’s six Blue Zones. 

  The offbeat destination hosts festivities galore, including its famed panagiri season. This traditional cultural festival is centuries-old and is celebrated all over Greece. Ikarians are especially known for their love of dancing, so be prepared to groove to live music with some strangers.

  The charismatic and vibrant isle is a producer of fine honey, masterful poissonniers of freshly grilled seafood, and is known for its supreme goat dishes. 


  Belonging to the Cyclades island group, Syros flaunts a charmingly picturesque landscape. One of its most alluring features is that it is not a tourist hot-spot like Santorini or Mykonos. This is the ideal destination for families and couples who are aching for a relaxing getaway. 

  The extensive island boasts a joint collection of Venetian and Cycladic architecture that permeates nostalgia and ancient beauty. Its capital, Ermoupoli, is an abyssal pool of rich-culture. It oozes with fantastic glamour as it exaggerates neoclassical buildings, multi-hued Venitian mansions, dignified catholic and orthodox churches, and namely the breathtaking Aegean landscape. 

  The island’s coastline is adorned with glossy seasides and sandy utopias. The most enchanting belles are Kini beach, Galissa beach, Delfini beach, and Dellagratsia beach. Moreover, the captivating sunsets are postcard perfections; tokens of the Greek Isles. 


  Skopelos is known as Kalokari to the Dynamos fandom, as it is one of the five “Mamma Mia! Islands”. In the film, the majority of the outdoor scenes were shot at firstly, the seaside hamlet of Damouchari, located in the Pelion area of the Greek mainland, and secondly, on the south west coast of Skopelos on Kastani beach. 

  Its close proximity to other islands in the Sporades island chain makes it a sublime base for island-hopping. There are a profuse amount of venture-filled itineraries that travellers follow when frolicking from isle to isle. Popular plans have followers embarking from Skopelos to Skiathos and from Skopelos to Alonissos.

  Its exotic shores, luxuriant vegetation, and idyllic villages make it one of the top-tier photogenic scenes in all of Greece. The Hollywood sensation has made this isle a popular destination for those aching to get a taste of the movie’s on-screen romance and comedy. 

  The wedding scene was filmed in the Agios Ioannis Kastri church and has become one of the main locations tourists put on their bucket lists when exploring Skopelos. There is also an excellent selection of traditional taverns that offer the perfect chance to savor the local delicacies. 

  You can dive into crystal cobalt waters at coastal villages such as Stafylos, Panormos, and Elios. Lazing in the heat of the sun during your Skopelos holiday is a must-do as the serene and tranquil atmosphere is sure to inspire dozy relaxation. 

  Whether you are in search of a pristine and secluded island or are indeed keen to tour madly admired hot-spots, the Greece Archipelago is a provider of more than just exquisite panoramas. It presents adorers with bewitching cultural and atmospheric riches–leaving them with an unmistakable sense of fulfillment and a beautiful perspective they can take home with them.