Why You Should Join the Sanderson Sandscript

Why You Should Join the Sanderson Sandscript

  For the past three years, I have both edited and written for the Sanderson Sandscript. Even as the format of the newspaper changed; the staff changed; or even when the advisor changed, every year has been an extremely rewarding experience. 

  I started to write for the Sandscript when I was a sophomore. I had no prior knowledge of journalistic writing, but I found that it was very easy to catch on. The staff full of upperclassmen were all very welcoming and created a safe environment for me to learn and grow. 

  That year, we would place and pass out a printed edition of the newspaper each month. As cheesy as it may sound, seeing my name next to my first print article was an extremely gratifying moment. 

  We would take a day off of class once a month to go around Raleigh selling advertisements to local companies to be featured in the newspaper. Ad sales were a huge part of the Sandscript when we were frequently printing. 

  As the years have gone on, we have slowly shifted to a more online format. While we still printed occasionally in 2019, we went completely paperless in the 2020 school year. 

  We produce one article a week, with strict deadlines that are still easily attainable. If you meet the deadlines and always write to the best of your ability, you should not have any issues. 

  Because a large part of journalism is getting direct quotes from people, the Newspaper has made me much more comfortable speaking with teachers, administrators, and students. I have also grown as a writer and learned skills about journalism that I will carry with me throughout my entire college career.

  When I was given the opportunity to be an editor of the Culture Section of the Sandscript, I was beyond excited. Being an editor has helped me learn the importance of leadership and is my way of helping out the other staff writers. As an editor I provide writers with ideas, correct mistakes in their writing, and answer any questions they may have along the way. 

  The creative freedom that comes with writing for the Sandscript is another reason why I was able to enjoy my time so much. We are encouraged to write about topics that we are passionate about, and delve into them from a unique Sanderson perspective. 

  Writing and editing for the Sanderson Sandscript has been one of my favorite memories in my four years in high school. The experience has been both rewarding and educational, and I could not recommend it enough.