North Carolina Achievements Grow Global Profile

Throughout North Carolina, there are all sorts of tourist attractions, scenic views and great food joints.


Throughout North Carolina, there are all sorts of tourist attractions, scenic views and great food joints.

  Mountains, beaches, art, world-class fast food, and a booming economy. Where could one find all of these? The beautiful state of North Carolina.

  The city of Blowing Rock, known for its jaw-dropping views and cozy mountain ambiance, sits approximately 3,566 feet above sea level. In juxtaposition with the mountains, across the state lies many vibrant beach towns, such as Wrightsville Beach, Emerald Isle, and Beaufort. These natural NC beauties are only a few examples of what makes our state unique and exciting.

  With Charlotte being 7 and Raleigh being 3 on the list of fastest-growing metro areas, North Carolina has its own big cities—boasting extensive job markets and bustling downtown areas. Apple and Google recently announced a wave of new jobs coming to Raleigh; Could this mean the creation of  our very own “East Coast Silicon Valley?” In addition, Bank of America and Wells Fargo have a large presence in Charlotte, with Bank of America supplying more than 15,000 Charlotte-metro area residents with jobs.

  Alongside a healthy business environment, Bojangles and Cook Out, esteemed fast-food restaurants, call North Carolina home. With Bojangles’ headquarters located in Charlotte (the same city where the restaurant was founded), and Thomasville being the home of Cook Out’s headquarters, North Carolina certainly does have its hands in the fast-food industry. 

  In addition to fan-favorite eateries, Carolina barbeque is deliciously different, with vinegar based sauces as opposed to ketchup. Life-long residents, such as Jahnu Ganji of Greensboro are proud of NC’s food options. 

  “I really like Cookout, Bojangles, and NC BBQ,” Ganji shared. “They are some of the best things North Carolina has to offer.”

  Located in Raleigh are various museums like the North Carolina Museum of Art, home to artists such as Claude Monet, and featuring exhibits like the Golden Mummies of Egypt. Along the lines of tourist attractions in North Carolina are theme parks such as Carowinds and competitive sports teams like the Carolina Hurricanes, Charlotte Hornets, Durham Bulls, and the Carolina Panthers.

  From the mountains to the beach; from Bojangles to the NC Museum of Art; North Carolina truly has it all. With distinct individuality and features that no other state can boast, North Carolina is a hidden, underrated gem.