New Executive Council Members Share Ambitious Goals



Past member of the 2019 executive council, Jennifer, holding up a food drive shirt.

  The new Sanderson High School Executive Council was announced May 3, and the members are eager to start thinking ahead to the 2021-2022 school year. 

 Recently appointed treasurer Mina Khan says, “I’d like students to enjoy and make the most of the upcoming school year, and I’m so grateful that I will be able to contribute to the change. Especially after a school year like this, I knew that I wanted to come back and make a memorable year for everyone. And it’ll be exciting to bring back certain events that we haven’t gotten to do in a whole year.” 

  Khan also goes on to mention how excited she feels to introduce the incoming and current freshman class to Sanderson traditions that they have not experienced. 

  Secretary Nancy Vincent expressed the honor she feels getting elected and her eagerness to get back to normal and meet new people, “Not only am I doing my senior year on executive which adds to the excitement, I am so happy that things are looking better for us to come back to school next year [somewhat] normally. Since there are some kids in school and some out of school, I have not even gotten the chance to meet new people.” 

  Vincent continues, “Since my freshman year orientation where I saw what Sanderson exec was for the first time, I have been eager to do it since then. Being on the executive council comes with a lot of hardwork and excitement that goes into making Sanderson fun.”

  Next year’s secretary has older siblings that are alumni, resulting in Vincent being a longtime fan of Sanderson. 

  Working alongside these three are Co-Vice Presidents Hastings Sledge and Loring DeHeart, Historian Crafton Swindell, and Parliamentarian Ally Daniel. Next year’s student council president will be Jacob Glover. 

  All members of the council are rising seniors and have been part of Sanderson’s student council their entire high school career. 

  In the midst of closing out the current school year and planning for next year as the COVID-19 restrictions begin to ease, it is clear to see next year’s executive council will work hard for the Sanderson community and keep traditions going.