The City of Oaks Offers Up a Great Slice


Bring Fido

Finding the best slice of pizza in Raleigh involves trial and error.

  Raleigh boasts hundreds of family-owned, diverse eateries for its residents. Among them are far too many pizzerias to count— which ones are worth trying?


  • Lilly’s Pizza

Greatest community impact

  Set apart by all-organic and kosher ingredients, locally-owned Lilly’s Pizza is a hidden gem. Offering delicious gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan pizza options, its ambient location in Historic Five Points is not one to miss for casual celebrations, or family dinners. Plus, the pet-friendly restaurant actively gives back to local charities, such as TROSA, Safe Haven Cat Shelter, and Urban Ministries.


  •   Slice of New York Pizza

Most authentic New York style

  Their thin-crusted, foldable pizza with a melt-in-your-mouth consistency proves to be New York City-authentic. With two bustling locations in Brier Creek and Hillsborough Street, Slice of New York Pizza earns every one of its 4.3 stars.

  “The pizza was actually really good,” shares junior Starianna Mehrer, “It’s so much better than Little Caesars. It would blow your mind.”


  •  Max’s Pizza & Grill

Most tech-savvy

  With an innovative online menu and snappy delivery service, this family-owned pizzeria and grill proves to be an exceptional option for delivery and takeout. Max’s tech-savvy website offers hyperlinks to the Slice app, which makes coordinating orders quick and easy.