The Perks of Being Bilingual


British Council

Learning new languages strengthens the mind.

  Have you ever thought about learning a new language? Well, start thinking now. It’ll be really beneficial in the long run.

  Learning a second language can not only be good for your career and social skills, but also for your brain. According to Eton Institute, “The benefits of learning a new language include higher scores on standardized exams in math, reading comprehension and vocabulary.”

  Eton Institute also states that when learning a new language you’ll better your memory, increase your social activity, improve your first language, and increase your ability to multitask. 

  If you love to travel and dream of seeing the world, learning the languages of the countries you will visit is extremely valuable. You’ll be able to question the locals and get helpful information. 

  America is a diverse country, so there is not a chosen national language, but English and Spanish are two of the most commonly spoken languages here. 

  English is known for being a popular language. It is spoken in Canada and The United Kingdom as well, and citizens in other countries may know a little bit. With that said, traveling while only fluent in English may not be the worst thing to happen, but it won’t be the most helpful. 

  An easy language to start off with is Spanish; It is spoken throughout Latin America and in Spain.

  Spanish teacher Sherrie Dixon shares how mastering the language has helped her, “ I think for me it’s the opportunity to build new friendships and relationships with people. It kind of shows that you recognize them as a person. It gives you empathy for other people that have to go through the same process of learning a language.” 

  Dixon continues, “You get to understand other people’s perspectives. So for me learning Spanish was to pretty much get to know more people and learn the world through their lenses.”

  From a career standpoint, by telling your employer you fluently speak two languages you can:

  1. Have a better chance of landing the job
  2. Earn a higher salary
  3. Make new connections, even globally 

    Overall, consider expanding your vocabulary to take new steps for the sake of your future.