Op-Ed: North Carolina Attempts to Pass Transphobic Bill



Transgender people and allies protest in support of their rights.

  The state of North Carolina is in a continuous debate about the rights that should be afforded to transgender people. Two weeks ago lawmakers attempted to pass Senate Bill 514— a bill to prohibit doctors from providing gender-confirming treatment to those under 21. 

  This controversial bill has upset many young North Carolinians because it is cruel and unfair. Some expressed their unhappiness through social media apps like Instagram and Twitter.

  Senior Margaret Haygood thinks, “The government needs to stop trying to police what others do with their bodies.” 

  This is not the first time the United States has attempted to pass an anti-trans bill. Arkansas passed Arkansas House Bill 1570, banning transgender minors from obtaining hormone blockers, testosterone and estrogen, and from having gender confirming surgery. 

  According to a statement by Katelyn Burns Ncr.org, “So this bill is one of many that have been introduced in conservative state legislatures all over the country, but it’s the first one to pass.”

  Many feel that it shouldn’t be a debate about whether or not transgender people, especially minors, should have access to gender confirming healthcare. President of the Equity Club, junior Chalina Morgan-Lopez, “Many of my closest friends are trans, and the pressure they undergo for existing is indescribable. North Carolina and the United States needs to do better to protect our citizens and our youth.” 

  North Carolina tried to pass bill 514 in the beginning of April. But as of April 20, the state has decided to drop the bill. 

  This is a positive step for transgender people but the fight does not end there. Unfortunately North Carolina and other states will continue to pass anti-trans bills such as HB 358, a sports bill which will not allow trans girls to play on girls’ sports teams. 

  It is important to the Trans Community that they gain as much support as they can because it is unbelievable that so many states attempt to make such degrading bills.