Spartans Wonder about the Relation Between Influencers and Boxing


MMA Fighting

Jake Paul takes the win in less than two minutes when fighting Ben Askren

  Social media influencers never shy away from trying new activities or taking up unique hobbies like boxing, and the Sanderson High School Students have various opinions on the matter. 

  Youtuber, Jake Paul, and retired mixed martial arts fighter, Ben Askren, participated in a boxing match on April 17. 

  When asked his opinion on the Jake Paul and Ben Askren fight, Sanderson junior Jonah Hodges stated, “I think that Ben was well past his prime and since he wasn’t even a boxer it was stacked in Jake’s favor. However, I still think Jakes a pretty good fighter, and I know he has been training a lot.”

  Junior Shane Adams watched the fight and believed it was “boring and a waste of time.”

  Paul made a total of 690,000 dollars while Askren received a total of 500,000 for the fight lasting less than two minutes. 

  Ahznei Williams, Junior, agrees with Hodges and finds flaws in Jake Paul’s wishes to be taken seriously, “In regards to Jake Paul, I would like to say congratulations on being 3-0 and beating Askren. However, Jake Paul states he wants to be taken seriously as a boxer but has yet to fight a real boxer.”

  Putting more emphasis on his statement, Williams says, “If he wants to be taken seriously, he needs to box someone who actually is a boxer.”

  Influencer, Bryce Hall, and YouTube family vlogger, Austin McBroom, are set to box June 5. The two will be boxing alongside other popular names in their occupations and whoever wins will receive five million dollars. 

  There is a widespread debate on social media as to whether or not TikTokers and other influencers should step into other, unrelated industries such as boxing. 

  Many social media users think they shouldn’t be getting involved with other activities and jobs and do not shy away from those opinions. Junior Zaydin Thomas believes otherwise saying, “It doesn’t matter who it is that is trying to step in the ring, as long as they show a bit of dedication towards the sport. Anyone should be accepted in the community.”

  Hodges has little faith in other influencers and YouTubers getting into the boxing industry and says, “I think the influencers trying to get into the industry are not going to go anywhere with it. They don’t have the money or dedication to get into like Jake has, so they will get laid out a few times then call it quits.”

  The first boxing match between YouTubers that took social media by storm was Logan Paul versus KSI, with headliners Jake Paul versus Deji Olatunji. Logan Paul and KSI fought only for bragging rights. 

  Freshman Nick Morganelli said, “The first YouTuber boxing matches were Logan vs. KSI and Jake vs. Deji and you can see how well that turned out for Logan and Jake. Although it does feel like many other influencers are only trying to get involved with it so that they can gain clout from it, they were already doing that anyway with TikTok.”

  Boxing is a dangerous sport and Senior Katie Fellah believes it to be a tough career to pursue if it is not a passion. “Boxing is a tough career and not everyone is made out for it. I think it’s neat that influencers are trying it out, but it has to be something they really love and are passionate about for them to continue to box,” she states.

  Fellah finished her thought by saying, “Influencers should focus on making our world a better place, not fighting each other.”

  Are the influencers causing more harm than good to the boxing community? Junior Maslan Vogelsberg believes that it is disrespectful to people who work hard for their titles. “Using your fame in one place to get you to another seems wrong when I continue to think about it. It’s almost disrespectful to people that worked really hard to become great boxers, almost a cry for attention.”

  Overall, students are keeping an open mind to the fact that influencers have other interests but are still hesitant to accept them into the boxing community.