The North Carolina Museum of Art: A Place to Explore and Discover



The North Carolina Museum of Art exhibit

  While the weather gets better every day, the outside calls us to explore the world. The North Carolina Museum of Art is one of the best places to spend time educating yourself and broadening your horizons. 

  NCMA opened in 1959; It was the first major museum collection in the country to be formed by state legislation and funding. Exhibits for the NCMA were first introduced in 1924, when the North Carolina State Art Society was formed, and they continue to attract visitors today. 

  “We are so lucky to have access to such a wonderful art museum right here in Raleigh.  The permanent collection owned by the NCMA is free for the public to view, and I highly recommend checking it out!” shared Art Educator, Angela Cretarolo. Cretarolo continued, “One of my favorite secret spots to go to is the “cloud dome” located back in the woods. 

  In addition to what is always at the museum, rotating shows and special events are available on occasion for the community. As stated by the NCMA, “The North Carolina Museum of Art collects, stewards, and exhibits the people’s collection and creates remarkable programs and experiences across its campus and the state that explore and inspire the creative potential in all of us.”

  On March 8, Golden Mummies of Egypt was presented in the museum.“The exhibition journey traces expectations for the afterlife and introduces cultural constructions of identity, strikingly demonstrated by the haunting painted panel portraits,” states the NCMA website. “The practices of preservation and decoration of the body, and the transformation of the deceased into a god, are spectacularly shown by the mummies on display.”

  Abigail Tucker, art teacher at Sanderson shared, “ The North Carolina Museum of Art is an excellent museum to visit that features both local, international, and historic artwork…The exhibitions that are in their paid gallery are top quality and visually engaging.”

  The museum is filled with many exhibits each sharing their own unique story such as Judith and Holofernes by Kehinde Wiley. Wiley met the model for this painting, Treisha Lowe, a prison guard at Rikers Island, while shopping at Fulton Mall in Brooklyn. Wiley translates this image of a courageous and powerful woman into a contemporary version that resonates with fury and anger. 

  Leah Grace Carpenter, sophomore student at Sanderson shared, “I love the art museum…there’s a lot of history, and emotion involved in the art, along with different perspectives that you are less likely to find outside.” She continued, “My favorite thing at the museum is looking at all of the art from a young age and going back older each time and looking at it from a new perspective— connecting to different pieces and seeing them in a different light.”

  NCMA is filled with life stories, myths, and legends. It is a place of encouragement and knowledge which guides us through history. Consider a trip to NCMA, located in Raleigh, NC today.

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