Digital AP Exams Return in 2021


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This year, most AP exams will be taken in a digital format.

  With the endless hours of studying and constant stress, the AP testing period is always a stressful time for teens. The world is a bit different this year. Everyone has had to adjust to a different way of living as a result of COVID-19. To ensure the safety of students and teachers, almost all AP Exams will take place online, usually from students’ homes. This new testing style arouses substantial suspicion about the possibility of cheating. 

  The pressure on students to perform well on the AP Exams this year is as high as usual, but not all students prepared for the AP tests the way they should have. There was so much going on in the world that studying for exams just did not cross many teens’ minds.

  Sanderson junior Margaret Haygood states her thoughts on the AP exams this year, “ To me it doesn’t matter whether we take it at home or at school. We all have to take it online, and we will all be monitored as if we were all still in school.”

  Teachers have their own concerns about the testing as well.

  Some teachers believe that having students take such an important test online can be harmful because of how accessible outside resources are. 

  Junior Gianna Cecile, will be taking the AP exam online at school and says, “At first I was going to take the test at home but then decided to go back to school, the options to take the AP test both require compromises.” 

  It won’t be easy for students nor will it be easy for teachers, but compromise is a big part of all of this online learning. There are ways to ensure students don’t cheat and complete the exam honestly. 

  Being online has generated both positive and negative thoughts, but we have come this far already so why abandon online testing now.  It’s an easier and safe way to make sure all students complete their exams.

  According to this year’s digital testing guide for AP exams, they have separated the exams into many sections giving students options on how they would like to take their test. One option is taking the test from home through an installation directly from the AP exam system. The other is to take it online at school. 

  In this case everyone wins, students are able to take their exams online and parents and teachers don’t have to worry about students not putting in their full potential. 

   WCPSS website has the exam schedule put up including what test will be taken and on which date. Students that are not in school at the moment are taking the test virtually at home so this is a great way to make sure students will be taking their test on time and on the right day.

 Whichever testing route students decide to take, they will all be subject to the same security. Regardless, they will all be taking a very important test that can help them get into their future college, look good on any college application, and will pay off in the long run.