SAC No Longer Pays for Varsity-Letter Jackets


Wake County Athletics

Sanderson’s home football field, Catapano Field at Gregson Stadium.

  The Sanderson Athletic Club officially made the decision to no longer buy letter jackets for varsity athletes. For years, this tradition of sponsoring all letterman jackets set Sanderson apart from other high schools in the Triangle. 

  The jackets will be available for half-off this year ($50) to all athletes who letter in their respective sport. Going forward, athletes will have to cover the cost themselves entirely.

  “I don’t think it is a good idea for the booster club to stop paying for the letterman jackets.” Sanderson sophomore and varsity soccer player Benedict Ontita shared, “Some students may come from a family that is not the best financially so I would say this will affect them the most.”

  Ontita is not the only one with this line of thinking. Many Sanderson varsity and even junior varsity athletes are displeased with the decision made by the SAC.

  Freshman wide receiver Owen Edmondson expressed his opinions on the matter “I feel like they [SAC] should be paying for letterman jackets because they should support the athletic programs.” 

  Although it can be infuriating when such decisions are made, the real reason behind the verdict is a lack of funding from the Booster Club. Without adequate funding, the varsity letter jackets cannot be given for free anymore.

  “I think this is a bad [SAC decision] because it basically ruins the whole purpose.” Sophomore Spartan varsity football player Jeremy Pittman continued, “Usually you have to earn that.” Pittman is not alone in recognizing that the jackets are a symbol of hard work, talent, and commitment. Now with a price-tag, the value may seem diminished. 

  Varsity Football Head Coach Jeremy Buck commented on the issue, “I think one of the things that made Sanderson Athletics unique was the Booster Club was able to pay for letter jackets,” Buck remarked. “While I wish the Spartan Athletic Club was able to continue the tradition, I completely understand the financial restraints they are under.”

  To help reverse this decision, consider joining or donating to the Sanderson Athletic Club.