Fun Shenanigans to Ensure a Safe Spring Break


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It is possible to have a fun Spring Break while still staying COVID safe.

  Spring break: A time for high school and college students to live their lives to the fullest and experience some time away from school. Even if it is just temporary, teens fill their agendas with activities and adventures to pursue before they have to kick back into reality.

  This will be the second spring break celebrated while COVID is still among us. Teens struggle to figure out what plans they can possibly make with so many restrictions now. Even though fun seems like a long shot this spring break, it is possible to have a safe spring break while still enjoying yourself.

 If you’re planning on traveling this break, follow COVID rules. For example, keep your mask on, sanitize, and keep your distance.


  • Painting picnic
  • Baking treats 
  • Rent out movie theatre with friends  
  • Photoshoots 
  • Go to the beach during the sunset & blast music 
  • Projector movie night 
  • Clay sculptures  

 If you’re looking to have fun with your friends by having a picnic, the park is one of the best options. On the social media platform, Tik Tok, the recurring trend where friend groups have creative picnics can be a source of inspiration.

 One way you can spice up a basic picnic is by buying all of your favorite snacks and drinks including a cake to make fun “cup cakes.” This is a new, fun, and cleaner way to enjoy your cake. You get a wine glass, or a regular cup, and grab the cake with your cup to scoop it. It’s an easy way to enjoy your treat. You can also be creative and buy board games or paint on a canvas.

  Sanderson sophomore Aaliyah Lynn states her thoughts on what she will do during spring break, “One of my plans for spring break I am most excited about is having a picnic with two of my closest friends. It’s a fun way to get to hangout with each other and be outside.”

  Another favorite is projector movie night. All you will need is a projector, any white sheet, snacks, drinks, and a couple of your closest buds. 

  This activity is a great way to binge-watch shows and movies in a different, more homey way. Even though you can be in the house and just watch your programs on a television, what fun would you get out of that? 

  “I will definitely be planning a movie night with my friends over spring break. I feel it’s a great way to not only experience something different but it gives me and my friends a time not to worry or stress,” says Lynn.

  Teens should not be letting COVID ruin another spring break. You do not have to go out to have fun. With the right people and creative activities, it will feel like COVID doesn’t even exist. This is the time to let go a little and enjoy your break while you can.