These Local Flower Fields are in Full Bloom



The sunflower field at Dorothea Dix Park

  As the month of March continues, we blossom into a new season: Spring. Though many may not be the biggest fan of rain showers, pollen, and allergies, one thing we can count on are beautiful flower bulbs. These are some of the most popular flower fields to visit in North Carolina. 

  • Dorothea Dix Park

  Dorothea Dix Park is known for its gigantic fields of nature. This includes the flower fields that blossom during spring and summer, a meadow field called “The Big Field” which can be used for events and picnics, The Williams Field for yoga and fitness classes, and The Grove, which showcases a skyline-view of the city. 

  As of March 4, the flowers in bloom are daffodils. Dorothea Dix Park, located on Umstead Drive, allows visitors seven days a week from dusk until dawn. 

  • Arlie Gardens

  The Arlie Gardens are located in Wilmington, NC. The area hosts events and guided tours of their gardens. Guided tours are nine dollars per person, and groups with 10-15 people can spend up to 2 hours exploring nature’s wonderful plant life. 

  There are five types of gardens to explore: The Arlie Oak Lawn, Pergola Garden, Minnie Evans Bottle Chapel, Tranquility Gardens and Butterfly House, and Spring Garden. 

  While you are enjoying your visit at the gardens, you can also look at art and do some birdwatching. 

  • Neuse River Trail

  The Neuse River Trail is known for its jogging trails as well as sunflower fields each Summer 

  This trail is 33 miles long and the flowers are located approximately 25 miles in. Although the sunflowers don’t fully bloom until the summertime, you can continue to visit the trail anytime.

  Mark your calendars for July; You have some flowers to see!


  These are just some of the various places to flower-hunt in North Carolina. Other places to consider are Duke Gardens in Durham, NC, and the North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh.