Small-Scale Equity Team Morphs into County-Wide Leader


The Sanderson Equity Team has grown from a small program to the one to follow.

  From a 13-member group to an exemplar of merit, the Sanderson Equity Team has evolved into one of the finest and role-models in Wake County. The SHS program has aligned with four other schools in the triangle to collaborate and inspire the implementation of healthy change for the betterment of the educational community. 

  One of the most stupendous things that happened within the program is the hurtling steps taken towards networking and collaboration within the school system. 

  SHS Assistant Principal, Trenton Brown affirms, “The students and staff members on the Equity Team have labored over the years, building a solid foundation for our equity program. We are seeing the fruition of this great work as other schools across all levels, district officials, and board members have recognized our work and have joined suit in piloting our student led sessions with their faculty.”

  He proceeds, “We have given the district a model, a blueprint, on how to incorporate student voice. We were once unknown, working clandestinely in the faculty lounge, to [now] being highlighted on several occasions at WCPSS School Board Meetings.”

  When asked about the advances and synergies made within the past year, Chalina Morgan Lopez, President of the Sanderson Equity Team, states, “We learn something new from each other every time we interact, and together, we have more influence to make the changes we want to see in our community.”

  Morgan Lopez continues, “I’m personally most excited to see new generations of leaders take their positions, and I’m confident that what was started my freshman year at Sanderson will continue to grow far after I graduate.”

  As the week of March 22, 2021 approaches, there are two major events taking place, and both aspire to have epic leaps in progress. Each is directed at different audiences, but with the same purpose of furtherance and the provision of a space for suppressed voices. 

  On Wednesday, March 24 at 2:00 pm, Sanderson, Rolesville, Millbrook, Heritage, and Green Level High Schools will come together in a “Collective Promise” forum titled, “March Madness: A Think Tank for Students.”

  “This session will give students the pause they need right before the fourth quarter to reflect on their readiness to end the year strong, and [learn what] they can do now—today—to better advocate for their education,” Brown elucidates.

  While this is a student think tank, faculty, administrators, and Wake County Board members are invited. This invitation is extended with the intention of hearing from learners about what they can do to effectuate enhancements into policy and classrooms. 

  On the following day, March 25, the Women Empowerment session, the first of its kind, is taking place with hopes of generating a monthly or quarterly recurrence of the event.  

  School Counselor, Jill Toborowsky is spearheading this session and has illustrated that while this event is mostly geared towards staff, students are welcomed and encouraged to join as well. 

  Toborowsky states, “I have a speaker coming from Interact to talk about the signs and symptoms of domestic abuse, and former colleague, author and friend of mine, Deborah King, who will speak on navigating a male dominated workplace.”

  While this first session is geared towards identifying “red flags,” as she describes, the second battles another topic. 

  Toborowsky explains, “The second session is about self-assertion, self-esteem and gaining confidence.” She proceeds, “There is a way in which women apologize for themselves; I’ve seen it in my 9 year old and I’ve seen it in some 50 year old women I’ve worked with over the years. We make ourselves small, girl-ish, and apologetic, and I hope to shed light on that and help women practice how to untangle themselves from those habits.”

  Both the Women Empowerment session and the March Madness Think Tank are highly anticipated and have long been prepared for. If you are interested in attending these events, you can use the code tbrown15 to join the virtual meetings. Feel free to contact Mr. Brown at [email protected] or Ms. Toborowsky at [email protected] for more information.