The Movement That is Fighting Against Asian-American Violence



#StopAsianHate calls for an end to Asian-American hate crimes.

  #StopAsianHate gains traction on social media as Asian-Americans urge social media users to spread awareness on this pressing issue. Anti-Asian hate crime is increasing exponentially in the United States, especially this past year, and here’s what you can do to help. 

Educate yourself: The website tracks violence and harassment against Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders online. In 2020 and the beginning of 2021, they received a total of 3,795 complaints across all 50 states. 

  68% of these attacks were verbal harassment, 21% were shunning and 11% were physical assaults, the report found. A post created by Steffi Lynn (@haveanicedayy_ on Instagram) reported that since the COVID-19 outbreak, anti-Asian hate crimes have increased by 1900%. 

  On Tuesday, March 16 eight people were shot dead at a spa in Atlanta, Georgia. Six of the victims were Asian women. While police have still not discussed a motive with the public, officials and organizations have already speculated that this was another instance of violent hate crimes against Asian-Americans. 

Amplify Asian voices: By sharing informational posts and resources on social media, you are becoming a small part in positive change. 

  Eva Chen (@evachen212 on Instagram) shared her personal story in multiple posts and even hosted a livestream with Cathy Yan, Amanda Nguyễn, and Michelle Lee. In the nearly 35 minute long chat, the four women exchanged stories and their diverse experiences as Asian women. 

  “A lot of the time with Asian-American advocacy and awareness, people group us all in; but the diaspora of Asian issues is so wide and varying, and we all have different stories,” Chen shared. 

  Her account also gives direct access to the nonprofit Chinatown Service Center which works to help improve the quality of life and equal opportunity of immigrants.

  Other Instagram accounts that provide updates and easily shareable information: @asians4antiracism, @stopaapihate, and @kimsaira.

Donate: This GoFundMe community fund will benefit organizations like Mekong NYC, Asian Health Services, AAPI Women Lead, and more. This page also links GoFundMe’s and donation sites related to anti-Asian hate crimes in America. 

  Buying from local Asian businesses, restaurants, and artists are also great ways to show your support for the Asian-American community. 


  In his recent national address, President Joe Biden expressed his disgust towards the violence against Asian-Americans saying, “it must stop.” Two democratic lawmakers also reintroduced legislation in Congress on that same day that would call for the expedited review of hate crimes related to the pandemic. 

  Even as the #StopAsianHate movement continues to grow, we must still do our part to spread awareness to this issue.