Raleigh Rallies Behind Small Businesses

Supporting small businesses is more important now than ever before


Supporting small businesses is more important now than ever before

  Local businesses have been stripped from their consumers and flow of income since the pandemic first started. Going through these troubling times as a business owner in devastating for not only the owner and employees, but also for the loyal customers.

 Many owners have given up and shut down because there wasn’t a steady flow of money. Since then, citizens have taken it upon themselves to reach out and ask local businesses how they can support them during this time.

   One helpful way to give back to these businesses is to purchase their items online. By shopping virtually, both employees and customers are not risking their health, but businesses are still being supported. 

  Angela Salamanca owns the beautiful and inviting restaurant, Centro, located in Downtown Raleigh. Her restaurant showcases the elaborate flavors and varieties of Spanish food. Outside of Raleigh, Centro has been operating in the Dominican Republic for 13 years.

  Salamanca originally opened up her restaurant to educate and expose more people to the Hispanic culture and introduce new foods to her customers’ palettes. 

The Centro owner expresses, “During COVID we have been doing curbside-pick-up Thursday through Saturday from 4:00-8:00. Folks can order online. We also offer a family subscription program, Centro en Casa, that can be found on our website.”

  Salamanca is running her business in a COVID-conscious way while still providing her customers with the same welcoming feel.

  Sanderson sophomore Madison Fennell speaks about other ways that the Raleigh community can rally behind small businesses, “Giving back to our local businesses can help a lot. For example, donating to their business or even dropping off any unused dishes you don’t use.” She continues, “During these times the little acts of kindness mean the most.”

  Keeping Raleigh locals aware of businesses, not just Downtown, but throughout the city is vital. News stations getting more involved with these businesses can raise awareness and thus, help the community. 

Other safe ways to help include:

  • Ordering Online
  • If your going into the businesses WEAR YOUR MASK
  • Keep Social Distancing
  • Following store guidelines
  • Sanitizing regularly 
  • Contacting news stations to bring in more customers 

  Students have a bigger voice now than ever before. If you see a business in your area struggling, go to your counselors and ask for ways to help. You can even see if the school can get involved and host a donation for our local businesses.

 Sanderson sophomore Issac Jones shares how students can help, “Since we have more helpful resources from school we should alert them if we see a business in our community struggling because that doesn’t just affect the business; It affects us as a community.”

 We as a community should come together if we see a business struggling on its own. No one should be alone during these hard times and acting with kindness is the most helpful thing Raleigh residents can do right now.