Spartans Share Complaints Over Possible Summer School


Getting Smart

The school year has the possibility of leaking into the summer.

  Summer is only a few months away and rumors are circulating on social media about the possibility of summer school in 2021 for American teens. The Sanderson High School Spartans are far from pleased to hear about this. 

  During a town hall meeting in February, President of the United States, Joe Biden, stated that he was open to extending the school year into the summer because of the lost instruction time due to COVID-19. 

  “My guess is they’re probably going to be pushing to open all through the summer like it is a different semester,” Biden said while speaking about the possibility of the government recommendation. 

  Sophomore Lindsey Eddleman shared her thoughts on the approach to the lost instruction time. “I can see extending the school year or offering optional summer school to kids that are behind, but summer is necessary for kids to get a break.”

  Junior Olivia High, agrees with Eddleman and says, “I think [summer school] should be optional for students who really feel like they need extra help, and for the students that don’t think they need the help shouldn’t have to go.”

  Other Spartans believe the stress of the school year constitutes a full-length summer break for students. 

Students have been stressed all school year, and summer is the only time where students can truly enjoy their time without having to worry about school,” sophomore Sarah Jaber stated when finding out there was a possibility of an extended school year. 

  Junior Thomas Kenner expressed he just wants time away from school and the stress that comes with it. “I like to give my brain a break and not constantly feel the pressure of school.”

  In addition, many students are concerned about the great chance of COVID-19 still being a serious issue in the summer and beyond. 

  “Even though we have made some progress with slowing down the rate of the virus with the vaccine, we’re not out of the woods yet,” Junior Kalen Milton stated. “There’s the possibility of the virus mutating so if it’s a virtual summer school then I’m okay with that but if we’re forced to go in person that’s not a great idea.”

  If Wake County Public School Systems were to adopt a summer school plan, it has been rumored that seniors would go back this summer with the rest of the high-schoolers and have to hold-off on graduation. 

  Member of the class of 2021, Katie Fellah communicated her annoyance saying, “Honestly, I worked super hard this year to make sure my grades stayed up, so I’d rather not do summer school if I don’t need to.” 

  Senior Anna Stutts expressed her eagerness to get out of high school sharing, “I hate the idea. I just want to graduate.” 

  Overall, Spartan students are not in support of summer school and are counting down the days until summer.