Advice Sanderson Seniors Need To Hear


Former Spartans share advice for incoming college freshmen.

 As the Sanderson seniors are beginning to look towards the future college plans, there are certain pointers that former Spartans wish they had received before heading off to college. Here are a few do’s and don’ts of your freshman year in college, according to Spartan alumni. 

DO walk your schedule before the first day of classes. According to junior Emily Radulovic at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the best way to feel prepared on your first day is to know exactly where you are going. The day before you start classes, walk your schedule and make sure to plan your day accordingly.

DON’T wait until the last minute to schedule appointments with your advisor. University of South Carolina junior Sydney Magrath urges incoming freshmen to not make this mistake. Magrath explains, “You need an appointment with your advisor to schedule new classes, and spaces can fill up within 10 minutes.”

DO keep track of all of your homework and tests in one place. Radulovic stresses the importance of organization in college. She says, “I have a page in my notes specifically made so I can write out all of my upcoming tests/assignments for the month.”

DON’T miss any of your classes if you can help it. University of North Carolina at Wilmington sophomore David Warren does not recommend skipping classes, unless due to an emergency. He explains that every class/professor is different, but as a rule of thumb, try to keep a steady attendance. “For some classes, attendance is not required, but other professors will offer extra credit for perfect attendance,” he says. 

DO meet as many people as you can. University of South Carolina junior Lexi DeAngelis found that meeting as many people as possible and getting involved in your classes or clubs is extremely important for freshmen. DeAngelis explains that she met many of her close friends in her freshman dorm, at freshman orientation, or in her major-specific classes. 

DON’T wear brand-new white shoes to a tailgate. Magrath urges incoming freshmen to have a pair of inexpensive shoes that you have only to wear to football games and tailgates. 

DO communicate with your professors. DeAngelis has found it to be extremely helpful when she is able to create connections with her professors. She has done this through email, meeting after class, scheduling meetings, and visiting them during their office hours. She explains the benefits of this saying, “If you establish a relationship with your professors, they will be much more likely to help you if you are struggling in their class. You could be in a class with nearly 300 students and they will have no clue who you are, unless you reach out.”

  While embarking on a new journey can seem daunting at times, the college experience is one that should be seen as more exciting than nerving. As long as you take these do’s and don’ts into consideration, college should be nothing but good times.