Spartans Share Diverse Opinions on Golden Globes Fashion



Celebrities serve questionable looks for the Golden Globes.

  The 2021 Golden Globes award show aired February 28 and the Sanderson High School Spartans have passionate opinions on the outfits the distinguished guests wore. 

  Cynthia Erivo, nominated for Best Original Song and Actress In A Drama Motion Picture, was seen wearing a bright green dress by Valentino Couture with Wempe earrings and a Maria Tash nose ring. 

  “I think this is odd, the bottom of the dress cuffs around and looks like an upside down ice cream cone. I think it’s kind of weird and not very fashionable,” junior Maslan Vogelsberg stated. 

  Olivia High, Sanderson junior, agreed with Vogelsberg criticizing Erivo’s dress by comparing it to a juice bottle. “It’s kind of like a cake topper, a little iffy, looks like one of those juice bottles you would get as a kid that was shaped like a princess,” she explained.

  Vogelsberg and High are not the only ones  disappointed in Ervio’s fashion choice. Many fans took to Twitter, a popular social media platform, to express their disapproval. 

  Dan Levy, winner of the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries, or Motion Picture for TV for his role in the hit series Schitt’s Creek, wore a green suit from Valentino Couture with Cartier jewels. 

  High was quick to share her mixed emotions about Levy’s outfit, “I love the color but hate the shoes, they don’t match. The suit is fire though.” 

  Freshman Scarlett Gaster shares the same feelings towards Levy’s outfit for the event. 

  “I love the neon suit against his black hair. I think the contrast is so good, I hate the shoes though,” Gaster said when shown a picture. 

  Kristen Wiig was wearing a short, washed-out-green Prada dress with jewels by Harry Winston. 

  Sophomore Lindsey Eddlemen expressed her disbelief by comparing the outfit to a character from the popular fantasy book and movie series, Harry Potter. “I like the color but is that Dobby’s pillowcase, like what is going on there? The bows are a fun thing on it but it kinda looks like she’s wearing a sack.”

  When asked about Wiig’s outfit choice, junior Anna Grace D’Amico was not impressed and only said, “show curtain” to express her disappointment. 

  Jared Leto was nominated for the award of Best Supporting Actor- Motion Picture, for his work in The Little Things and appeared in a Gucci suit. Similar to her last response D’Amico only had two words to say for his outfit: “grandpa’s funeral.” 

  Sophomore Sarah Jaber had a different opinion on his look and stated, “I think it’s pretty unique. It fits him well with his long hair and aurora.” 

  Maya Rudolph decided to wear a red floral dress by Valentino Couture and jewelry. A picture of her look was shown to Juniors Ahznei Williams and Zaydin Thomas and they both came to an agreement and said, “It looks like an antique lamp shade.” 

  Gaster expressed her mixed opinion on the dress by saying, “I love her as an actress but the dress is not flattering in any way, shape, or form. I think the pattern is pretty and the shoes are good but it has no structure to it and just makes her look boxy.”

  Many celebrities stayed home for the Golden Globes this year and may have had fewer clothing options than usual, but Junior Tariq Kanteh says, “Wearing outfits like that is inexcusable in every way and should not be allowed. They’re ugly.”