Exploring the Trails of the Raleigh Greenway



The Neuse Greenway Trail is a very scenic path that is part of the Raleigh Greenway System.

Whether you enjoy walking, biking, running, or all of the above, the Raleigh Greenway is a simple yet exciting way of getting exercise during the weekend. The Greenway is a collection of trails that lead to public parks, restaurants, shopping areas, and other popular spots throughout the city. The Greenway is open to the public, and downloading the trail map onto a phone or another device is completely free. As the weather begins to warm up and Spring starts to set in, go outside and enjoy the wildflowers sprouting up around Raleigh, or listen for the birds building their nests in trees above— all from the Greenway. These collections of trails are a great way to experience nature and be in the great outdoors this weekend.