Sanderson Athletics Kick Into High Gear


Sanderson Athletics

Football and other Spring sports seasons have begun

This year has proven to be nothing if not a trial of determination and commitment when it comes to athletics. Sanderson’s winter seasons have come to a close, and spring sports are already underway. 

Head Coach of Sanderson’s Varsity Women’s Basketball Team, Delano Tavares, expresses, “Every player I asked directly about playing wanted to play and we proved we would do whatever it took to play.” He continues, “I like to keep this James Allen quote in my mind, ‘Adversity does not build character it reveals it’.”

There is no question that adhering to the COVID-19 guidelines for participating in sporting events is demanding all around. Students and coaches alike have had to adapt to the new protocols like wearing masks while exercising, social distancing, answering screening questions, and limiting event capacity. The consequences of these changes include schedule uncertainty, and connectivity struggles. 

The predicaments of virtual school in the fall semester and the threats of the viral pandemic left student-athletes twiddling their thumbs for news of their seasons. The SHS football games, which normally would’ve taken place in the Autumn, now have their players hiking up touchdowns in the tail end of Winter and on the brink of springtime. 

Spartan football player, Guy Galardi describes, “As a team, we do not expect the season to go in any way, shape, or form smoothly, since there is constant change with game and practice times.”

Galardi details how he and his teammates view their situation, he says, “We abide by the rules and do what’s best for each other to stay healthy and safe so we can continue practicing as long as needed.”

This idea of doing what is necessary to sustain the season is prevalent across all Sanderson teams. The opportunity to be involved in the school community is something students don’t want to pass up. 

Caroline Levinson, plays for the softball team and highlights, “It’s harder to connect more with new and returning players while having to stay distanced and masked up.” She continues, “I think that even though it may be harder to connect with people, I end up appreciating that connection more now because of the limited social interactions I’ve had in the past year.”

Concurrently, Sanderson JV Women’s Basketball Player, Jenna Abolins says, “Some years I feel like we take playing ball for granted, and this year we really appreciated being able to play.”

The absence of student fans is felt in the large stadiums, especially with trademark high school sporting events like football games. With the recent increase in spectator capacity to 30% in Wake County, there is hope for more support from the Sanderson student body. 

Galardi frames, “Our sports team will definitely benefit from the spectators since they bring in revenue to work towards getting new gear and equipment for us (Sanderson’s Football Team), as well as bringing in money for school equipment.”

The anticipation for an increased audience and the excitement surrounding upcoming characteristic events of the high school experience, such as Senior Nights and potential Homecoming are activities students are looking forward to. 

While Men’s Soccer and Women’s Lacrosse had their Senior Nights on March 1st and 2nd, the seniors on the Football team are having their Senior Night on March 5th when they have their game against Leesville Road High School. 

Sanderson students were able to begin purchasing tickets for games starting on March 2nd, 2021 and more information about how to buy them is located on the school website.