Walt Disney World’s Epcot Exploding with New Additions



Staggering upgrades coming to Walt Disney World’s Epcot

  Walt Disney World (WDW), also known as, the “Happiest Place on Earth” thrives on the excitement and anticipation of its customers. Its imaginative attractions and majestic lands draw millions of people in every year; more so, they keep people coming back.  

  Sanderson Freshman, Annabelle Burdette states, “Disney is so special because it brings happiness to kids and nostalgia to parents. Everyone that works at Disney is committed to you having a pleasant experience.”

  It is a priority for Disney cast members to provide their guests with memories that will last a lifetime and they certainly accomplish that. 

  Spartan Sophomore, Meghan Cochran portrays, “Walt Disney World has always been a very special place for me and my entire family and even as I get older, it continues to get better and better and as they incorporate more attractions that keep that magical feeling alive!”

  Part of the exhilaration attached to visiting these parks is simply the fantasmic atmosphere it creates and inspires. WDW is known for their incredibly innovative creation of themed lands. The intricacy of their work is so astounding that one really feels like they have waltzed into a different realm. 

 Apex High School Student, Caroline D’arruda shares, “When you enter the Disney parks, you feel like you’ve entered another world. They have brought some of the best films ever created to life. They make people’s dreams come true with all of their attractions and theme rides.”

  This upcoming year will be no exception. With the events that have elapsed over the year since Disney’s March 2020 shutdown, many openings of new rides and restaurants have been delayed or postponed.

  It is expected that many of these attractions will make their long awaited debuts in 2021. Some of the most notable include Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, Harmonicas, and Space 220. All of the listed items will be located in Epcot, which at the moment is undergoing a massive sea of construction to its entrance, as well as to what used to be Future World.

 Here is some perspective on what is going on at Walt Disney World right now: Many of the biggest construction projects such as the overhaul of Hollywood Studios, the redevelopment of Disney springs, and the expansion of Animal Kingdom, have all virtually wrapped up. 

  The exception to this is Epcot, which has a plethora of new rides, attractions, restaurants, retail shops, entertainment, and stylistic upgrades taking place. 

  Epcot had the least amount of enhancements of all the theme parks since its opening in 1982. The main section of the park used to be a symbol of future innovation and progress. Now, when you travel through the area, it seems more outdated than the expectation for the upcoming times. 

  D’arruda continues, “I would say that Epcot has the least amount of rides out of all of the parks, so I think the new rides that they are adding are very exciting, and they can bring more people to Epcot.”

  The iconic Spaceship Earth is the most memorable Epcot landmark that every person is in awe of during their travels. The same can’t be said for the front entrance which surrounds the huge structure. The entryway redesign has finished within the past few months to reveal a stunningly prismatic fountain. 


  Here are some more things to expect looking forward: 

  The Future World at Epcot is also being reimagined into three new neighborhoods, and is swarmed with walls blocking off the construction area. This colossal project is estimated to take several years to complete– with some speculations extending to 2023. 

  Spaceship Earth is an attraction a part of Future World and has previously been scheduled for enhancements of its own. As a result of the multi-month closure, these upgrades have been indefinitely delayed. 

  This also is the case for many other areas of the park, including the Festival Center, the Play Pavilion, and the Moana’s Journey of Water maze. 

  Another highly anticipated addition, The Space 220 Restaurant, is adjacent to Mission Space. It’s a futuristic themed restaurant that is estimated to open in May 2021. The promising concept displays a special space elevator which will take guests 220 miles up from Earth to a Space Station where they can enjoy a meal overlooking the celestial panorama of Earth below. 

  Another high-priority project that is set to be released some time in 2021 is Harmonicas at Epcot, which is a long awaited nighttime spectacular. It is supposed to be one of Disney’s biggest nighttime shows and will feature colorful lights and floating platforms in the World Showcase Lagoon. 

  Of course, it’s hard to forget the hybrid roller coaster addition— the biggest-budget project currently being built in Walt Disney World. This is the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. 

  There is no official date for its debut, but some fans speculate that with the park-closures and construction halts, Summer 2022 is a reasonable timeframe. 

  Cochran explains, “Disney has always been full of love and a sense of intimacy throughout all of the parks no matter the time of year or the situation. No matter what is going on, Disney always finds a way to make the experience fun and very personal with everyone who works there and the energy of the whole park.”

  Despite the craterous effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on The Walt Disney Company, it has been their goal to continue to inspire hope and spread happiness. While their projects have been setback by a few months, die-heart fans can look forward to these new additions to the Epcot park within 2021 and further on into 2022. 

  If you are interested in learning more about the attractions mentioned above or even some of the other exciting add-ons coming to the other Walt Disney World Parks, there are plenty of online resources at your disposal.