Home Items Every Future College Kid Needs


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These storage hacks will have your dorm organized.

  Going off to college is a time of new beginnings, especially if you are sharing a dorm with a roommate. That is why you will need a few convenient storage items in your dorm room.

Wheeled Under-the-Bed Storage Cart

  Moving into a smaller space means you may have to get rid of a few items. But what if you don’t want to? This item is a flat box, or cart, with wheels that roll under your bed. You can store your childhood memory items, important documents, or even any extra clothing in it. You can find these storage containers on websites like Amazon or Home Depot for as little as $19.99.

Bed Shelf to Stick on the Wall

  When living in a small space, you need to take advantage of all the possible ways to store your items. This is why a bed shelf is convenient. It can hold items such as your phone, books, pencils, or any small items that just need to be put somewhere. This item is also available on Amazon for around $12 to $20. 

Laundry Basket Drawers

  At home, you may be a person who throws your clothes all around your room. That habit will have to end when you’re sharing a room with someone. To avoid complaints from your roommate, buy a laundry basket drawer to keep dirty clothes off the floor. This item can be made yourself or you can buy it off of Wayfair, Target, or Amazon.

Storage Mirror

  This mirror can open and close. On the inside there is a space to put your accessories and other small items in. This type of mirror can be locked, so you won’t have to worry about anyone taking your most precious items. It can also be stuck to the wall or placed on legs. They’re available in stores like Pier One Imports or Bed Bath and Beyond or online. Prices may vary. 

  Hopefully this straightforward list of items will help many future college students find ways to keep all of their belongings during their move into the next chapter of their lives.