One Direction Stans Battle it Out


Elite Daily

The two young men’s battling fandoms are sparking frustration and controversy.

  Former One Direction members, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are both successful in and encouraging of each other’s solo careers— But what happens when the fans can’t seem to get to that point themselves?

  There have been rumors emerging and screenshots going around social media of Styles’ fans, “Harries,” asking others to come up with fake sexual assault allegations towards Tomlinson in response to him climbing charts with his new album Walls. This spurred a spiteful frenzy between the two fandoms. 

  It later came out to be a Tomlinson “stan” (someone who is a hardcore fan of a celebrity) who was trying to make the “Harries” look bad.

  Junior Layal Sadik expressed her annoyance with the issues by saying, “Sexual assault is a real issue and trying to use that for your own benefit is wrong, and other people would have seen the allegations and that could have brought up some real trauma that they’ve experienced.”

  Many people are still under the impression that a “Harrie” started these allegations towards Tomlinson but that doesn’t stop the frustration many people share.  

  Sophomore Sarah Jaber says, “The whole thing is super messed up. Who would talk about serious stuff like that? The two are happy for each other so why can’t we just be happy for them too?”

  This situation brings up a controversial topic going on in the world today about real and fake allegations being made towards others.

  Junior Olivia High sheds light on that sharing, “If the victim is telling the truth, their statement shouldn’t be overlooked; however, in this day and age it’s extremely hard to tell what is true and what isn’t true.” 

  Neither of the pop-stars have said anything about the situation but it is important to be aware and thoughtful towards allegations like these and how they could affect others.