Valentines Day Gifts to Give While Social Distancing


Avas Baskets

A specially decorated Valentine’s Day gift basket.

  A day full of love and romance: Valentine’s Day! This romantic holiday is just around the corner and here are some gift ideas you can send to your Valentine, while staying socially distanced.

Send or Leave Flowers on their Doorstep

  Yes, this may be a cliché but it is still romantic to so many. You can drop off the flowers yourself, or even order a bouquet online and have it delivered. Either way, it is a nice, simple gift idea that can leave your valentine blushing for days.

Write them a Letter

  We’ve all seen those romantic films where a character sends their significant other a letter expressing their love for them. Usually those movies are set in the 1880’s or 1940’s, and our time has evolved by moving to electronic letters instead. Because it isn’t common anymore, taking the time to pick out a pretty envelope and handwriting words of adoration is even more romantic.  

Make a Valentines Basket

  Don’t know what to get your valentine? Here’s an idea; make them a gift basket filled with different items. Stuff the basket with candy, valentines cards, something that reminds them of their favorite sport or hobby; the list can go on! After you have completed the basket, drop it off at their door and just imagine the glow on their face when they see this nice surprise.

Make them a Bear

  Teddy bears are known as a Valentine’s day symbol. It’s a gift almost everyone would want because they’re so cute. That is why it is a great idea to create your own bear for that special someone and Build-a-Bear Workshop is the number one place to help create it. Build-a-Bear even lets you record your own voice and put it inside the bear so your favorite person can always be reminded of you.

Give them a Call

  Last but not least, just give them a call. Even an action as easy as this can make someone so happy. Don’t hesitate to call someone you haven’t seen in a long time. Valentine’s day is about showing love and care and this is still a way to do it. Remember, they are only one call away.

  Hopefully, this quick list of ideas can help you decide what to send or give to your Valentine this Valentine’s Day.