What Happens When Broadway Meets TikTok



TikTok has many young and inspired creators on the app and now has the attention of Broadway.

  The popular social media platform, TikTok has been a creative outlet for many people over the years. Now, the creators of the app are writing their own musicals and getting Broadway stars involved. 

  Emily Jacobsen, a creator on the app, wrote a comedic song to the popular Disney movie, Ratatouille. This sparked many other creative minds, and they started to piggy back and write or choreograph their own songs to the movie as well. 

  When news struck that a virtual performance would be produced and would raise money for charity, Disney released a statement regarding the plans to put on this musical.

  “Although we do not have development plans for the title, we love when our fans engage with Disney stories. We applaud and thank all of the online theatre makers for helping to benefit The Actors Fund in this unprecedented time of need,” the media company said. 

Many were inspired by this push for the musical version of the family movie, and Broadway stars decided to join in on the fun. Andrew Barth Feldman, a former lead in the Tony Award winning musical Dear Evan Hanson, was just one of the few Broadway performers to get involved with the musical. 

  The verified Broadway account itself even got involved by reposting videos and getting performers to come up with choreography. 

  The performance raised over 1.9 million dollars, and all proceeds went to the Actors Fund, an organization that supports performers and behind-the-scenes workers in the entertainment industry. 

 Another production has been getting a lot of attention from TikTok and is now fully orchestrated. Bridgerton, a Netflix Series, is now the second musical that will have gotten the support of people on TikTok. 

  The creators of this new adaptation are singer, Abigail Barlow and musician, Emily Bear and are now in touch with Netflix. 

  The two young women have received shoutouts on social media from the cast of the show and have acquired the support of the author behind the book series. 

In an interview with Today TMRW, Barlow expressed how she was inspired to start writing the musical, “We were obsessed with the show. Who doesn’t love it? There’s so much drama, such great storytelling and I finished bingeing it and there was one piece of dialogue that stood out among the rest, and I flew to my piano.”

  Emily Bear, her partner in writing the musical, studied at Juliard and New York University and stated that she and Barlow work like yin and yang, and when Bear feels uninspired, Barlow always knows what to do. 

  Barlow and Bear hope to take their creation beyond the screens and eventually get it to Broadway one day. Many people are still hoping for a live version of Ratatouille: The Musical as well. 

  Until then, there have been many compilations posted on YouTube, another streaming platform where people post videos, that can be enjoyed. Barlow will continue to  post regularly on her social media platforms as well. 

  COVID-19 has affected the world tremendously, and as a result, it brought many people to TikTok. The creativity on the platform is limitless and while there is no telling how many musicals will be produced through the app, Ratatouille: The Musical and Bridgerton are the ones that started it all.