An Explosive New Addition to the MCU Leaves Fans Speculating


Marvel Studios

Disney+ sitcom takes Marvel fans by storm

  WandaVision takes the Marvel Cinematic Universe to timelines, locations, and plotlines that have never been seen before within the popular franchise.

  The series premiered on Disney+ on January 15, dropping two short episodes in black-and-white—reminiscent of beloved 1950s/1960s sitcoms. Many accredited the show’s popularity to this use of nostalgia, which delves into human emotion and sentiment.

  Protagonists Wanda Maximoff, or The Scarlet Witch, and Vision sweep into an ostensibly domestic setting, leaving fans contemplating as to where the CGI effects and grittiness that are characteristic of Marvel films have gone. “Marvel is known more for action than that dystopian-reality stuff,” muses Marvel fan Dylan Hemedinger, “I’m just glad that they didn’t use the ‘time period’ as an excuse to hire an all-white cast.”

  Spartans have compared the setting of the first few episodes to that of classic American television series such as Bewitched, The Twilight Zone, and I Love Lucy.

  “I thought it was interesting to see Marvel take on the challenge of creating a show that resembles comedies from that time period,” reflects Sophomore Elsie Schild, “It’s fun to see the different characters interacting with the plots of the older shows.” 

  However, the setting isn’t the strangest thing about WandaVision. The appearance of characters from various universes within Marvel also comes as a shock to viewers. Cameos of agent Jimmy Woo of Ant-Man and the Wasp and Monica Rambeau of Captain Marvel leave fanatics wondering if WandaVision could possibly be laying the framework for an upcoming multiverse series.

   Marvel is well known for slowly unraveling plot lines and blindsiding spectators with creative plot twists. When asked if they think there is more than meets the eye about WandaVision, Spartans replied with a solid yes— but the similarities in opinion end there. Diverse theories on everything from Vision being reincarnated to Wanda creating alternate realities have been circulating the Marvel fandom.

  “[The town of Westview] isn’t a prison, so much as a reality fabricated and controlled by Wanda,” shares Hemedinger, “As for Vision, Wanda willed him back into existence. He was dead, but isn’t anymore.”

  Schild elaborates on a different theory regarding the android, “I think that Vision is most likely not alive, and the show may be based on something that happened to Wanda due to the past grief from Avengers: Endgame.

  Whatever the outcome may be, WandaVision is all the rage on social media and beyond. The show earned 4.5 stars and 93% rotten tomatoes, which is a great start. Fans with Disney+ subscriptions look forward to new episodes streaming every Friday until March 19.