JoJo Siwa Comes Out to the Public



Teen celebrity JoJo Siwa comes out about her sexuality

  Teen singer, dancer, and celebrity JoJo Siwa recently came out on Twitter and many fans and supporters are thrilled. This unexpected announcement could leave a positive impact on young LGBTQ+ children.

  Many have already tweeted and posted videos expressing how proud they are of JoJo. One tweet, that the young entertainer retweeted, talks about how there may have been kids that felt alone with their identity and that seeing her come out may have made them feel valid. 

  JoJo has tweeted in response to all the support, “The amount of support from the world is insane. I love you all. Thank you so much.”

  While many continue to share love for her, others have not responded as well. Recently, JoJo faced comments from mothers saying that they will never let their kids watch her ever again. 

  JoJo responded with a simple, “Okay!” It got much worse when JoJo’s house was recently swatted over a false accusation. 

  Swatting is the term for when someone calls the Federal Bureau Investigation making false claims. While she handled the situation calmly, fans were not pleased about this and said this is a borderline hate crime. 

  It is amazing that now teenage celebrities can come out without being seen as “scandalous” by the majority view, but the hate still exists. Students express how they feel.

  Senior Maragret Haygood says, “Good for her. It’s not usually easy for kids to come out so I’m very proud of her. But she didn’t deserve to be swatted, that’s really messed up.”

  Freshman Ashley Sosa-Godines says, “I’m glad kids that support her will be able to grow up normalizing this. It’s time to start treating people like they are people.”

  Over the past couple of decades, people of the LGBTQ+ community have become more accepted into society and we are coming into an age where they can openly express their preference. Whether or not JoJo knows it, she’s playing in a part in the making of history.