Spartans Passionately Speak Out in the Great Reset Equity Forum


Chalina Morgan-Lopez Speaks at Fall Equity Team Awards

  Sanderson’s Equity Program is working to unite several other Wake County schools, including Millbrook High School and Rolesville High School, in a discussion centered around the transition into the new semester amidst the whiplash of COVID-19.

  It is apparent that students have been struggling with online school– whether it be a piling workload, home life stressors, or a general lack of motivation. The Great Reset Forum provided these future leaders with the opportunity to shed light on the issues they believe need to be addressed. 

  13 Spartans compiled two-minute presentations on various topics such as “Metacognition,” “Cultural Relevance in Learning,” and “IEPs and 504 plans.” The passion in their voices was palpable as they spoke to the 150+ audience– many of whom still have more to say.

    In attendance were several Wake County board members, superintendents, and curricularists. Representatives from about 8 different schools also observed the forum.

  “I think we did something that hasn’t been seen before,” reflects the discussion’s moderator, Angela Clese, “We united these schools despite the disarray in our world right now. I think that’s pretty honorable.”

  In the wake of the forum, more schools across Wake County have begun to turn to Sanderson High School for advice regarding their own Equity programs. Solely positive feedback is pouring in from the 60-plus staff members following The Great Reset.

  When interviewed about the purpose of the program, Assistant Principal Trenton Brown stated, “I was compelled to design a program in which students, staff, parents, and elected officials unite to fortify our efforts to improve student learning under COVID-19 restraints.” 

  Brown continued, “COVID-19 must never be a pass or reason to lower the bar or standards of learning, yet we must continue to raise the bar and our expectations of ourselves and each other.”

  The members of the Equity Team aim to show how the demographics of individual pupils have an impact on their education and are leading the efforts to adjust people’s outlook on learning. They refuse to be thwarted by their abrupt transition into an online method of outreach for their programs. 

  “I can assure you that collectively, our equity programs will not stop until we see the changes we need,” illustrates President of the Sanderson Equity Team, Chalina Morgan-Lopez.

  The incredible relationship between these schools will continue to inspire the local community and foster healthy change.