Biden’s Cabinet Picks Break Down Barriers



Biden selects the most diverse cabinet ever.

  After a lengthy election process and months of legal trials, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. has officially been sworn in as the 46th President of the United States. This new presidency brought with it an extremely diverse cabinet that will make history in more ways than one. 

  The most obvious example of this is the country’s first Black/South-Asian female Vice President. Kamala Harris shattered glass ceilings with her appointment to the executive office, and her husband Doug Emhoff will be the first VP spouse in history that is Jewish.

  Company owner and director, Jaylun Moore, spoke about the impact of Vice President Harris saying, “It is almost unbelievable to see someone that looks like me, in a space that has been dominated by white men; until now. Seeing a woman of color in this position of power gives me hope that although we have a long way to go in the world, we have made some progress.”

  Biden’s cabinet has 24 members, with the three most important positions all held by women for the first time in American history: VP Kamala Harris, Avril Haines as the Director of National Intelligence, and the Treasury Secretary position is held by Janet Yellen. 

  Xavier Becerra at the Health and Human Services Department and Alejandro Mayorkas at Homeland Security will be the first Latinos to head both of those departments. Representative Deb Haaland of New Mexico is set to be the first Native American Secretary of the Interior.

  Back in February of 2020, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg made history as being the first openly gay presidential candidate to win the Iowa caucuses. He makes history once again with his appointment as Secretary of Transportation, making him the first openly gay cabinet secretary. 

  Presidential cabinets from the past have not been an accurate representation of the diverse American people. The different religions, gender identities, beliefs, and orientations that make up this country are what make us stand out from the rest. Getting closer to having a government that reflects this diversity gives hope that America is changing for the better.