Jump into the Mind of a High School Senior


Ruth Cates

Seniors in last year’s class of 2020

This past year was nothing if not a trial of adaptation and for many young adults these unexpected circumstances are associated with being a senior in high school. 

The newly found independence, a byproduct of virtual schooling, has proven to be a huge change for Sanderson students and has pushed many Spartans to take major steps in molding their own future. 

Senior Lily Mishler stated, “My admission process has been a lot of work but it is going great. I’ve been accepted to all of my colleges so far, and I’m only waiting on one more!” 

Mishler continued, “I’m nervous to start my new journey in college, but I know that once I get there it will be great! I have high hopes.”

National Honor Society officer MaryElizabeth Pearce shared, “It was stressful applying to schools but the pros outweigh the cons for sure. Overall I’m super excited about college.”

Seniors at Sanderson have also come to the consensus that being in this unique position has allowed them to gain valuable life experience as they take the next steps toward the future.

Another member of the 2021 graduating class, Allena Harris stated, “The college admission process also made me feel more independent because I was working on all of that mostly alone and submitting them on my own time; my parents provided a lot of support and helped me edit a few things but it was largely up to me to get everything done and turned in on time.”

Harris’s peer Abby Hinson added to this saying, “This year has helped me to be more proactive because I have been put in positions where I have to figure out plans for myself and step up to more leadership roles in and out of school.”

Spartans have agreed that while being a senior is very stressful it also is eye-opening and helps students to gain necessary skills and experiences that are beneficial for their next steps in life.

Mishler shared how she is going about handling all of the challenges stating, “I’m just going with the flow and taking one step at a time. I’m trying not to overstress about the future, and let it happen naturally.”