Transition into the New Year with a New You


The Queen Life

Writing out specific goals or resolutions for the New Year can help yo to keep them.

  The new year is a refreshing start for everyone. Our fellow Sanderson Spartans reflect on the year of 2020, and reveal their resolutions for 2021.

  The past year was stressful. Innumerable events and inconveniences all occurred over the span of 12 months like the pandemic and the switch to online schooling as a result. 

  Though these unfortunate circumstances did not miraculously expire when the ball dropped, some students have taken the advantage of the fresh start to make personal resolutions for this year. 

  Students such as freshman Ashley Sosa-Godines are passionate about achieving their goals. Sosa-Godines says her new year’s resolution is to have a more healthy and balanced diet to keep her motivated. 

  When reflecting on the year 2020, Sosa-Godines says, “A lot of hardships were brought into my life. It was hard to bring myself to do things because of how isolated I felt, but it made me stronger in a sense.”

  Senior Margaret Haygood’s resolutions are similar to Sosa-Godines’s, “I always make it a goal of mine to stay healthy. Maybe this year I’ll try to put down my phone more often.” 

  While beginning a healthy lifestyle is a common new year’s resolution, others have much more personal and specialized goals.

  Senior Cindy Gonzalez shares, “Usually I would want to travel more, but because of the pandemic I have made a goal to start as many hobbies as I can.”

  A friend of Gonzalez, senior Millie Vazques says, “I want to work my hardest this year. I want to do my best in everything like school, work, and even small activities.” 

  All resolutions whether they are elaborate or simple, easy or challenging, provide us with something to focus on in the midst of complicated times. Let’s enjoy the fresh start and hope for a better 2021.