Taylor Swift’s Surprise Album Leaves Fans Speculating


US Weekly

Swift released her second surprise album of 2020 and fan theories ran wild.

  Famous singer-songwriter Taylor Swift released her second surprise album of 2020 and fans are speculating that a third is in the works. 

  Swift’s first surprise of the year occurred in July when she randomly released an indie-folk album entitled folklore. This genre is something fans of the talented singer were not used to, but itproved itself to be quite popular. 

  The album and few of its songs are nominated for five Grammys: Album of the Year, Best Pop Vocal Album,“exile” is nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, and “cardigan” is nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance and Song of the Year. 

  A few weeks ago, fans took to social media to discuss their theories for what Taylor had in store for her upcoming 31st birthday. After she mentioned working on a new video in a recent interview, some speculated a new music video was in the works for another single off of folklore. However, what she had planned was something no one could have predicted. 

  Swift announced on all of her social media that she would be releasing her ninth studio album and music video for her new single “willow” December 11. The album is entitled evermore and Swift described it as a “sister record” to folklore.  

  This surprise release left fans eager to listen to the album that had to follow the powerful record folklore. After its release, evermore proved once again that Taylor Swift is not just the songwriter of the year, but of our generation. 

  Her fanbase is thrilled with the songs on evermore and, being the sleuths they are, realized something suspicious on some of the recently released cover art. In the corner of one of the promotion pictures for folklore, they noticed the word “woodvale” hidden in the trees. 

  Social media exploded with fan theories that this could possibly be a third album in connection to folklore. Talk Show host Jimmy Kimmel mentioned the theories to Taylor in a recent interview and she shot them down saying, “When I was making folklore, I was too afraid to even unveil the title of the album to my teammates and management… I came up with the fake codename ‘woodvale’…when we released folklore, we forgot to take the codename off of one of the covers.”

  Swift is known for leaving cryptic messages and clues in her music videos, art, and songs so this “mistake” is hard to believe for a lot of her fans. While a third surprise album does not seem likely according to the singer, fans would not put it past her to continue releasing new music.