Dear Santa, I Bet You Didn’t Know These Movie Secrets


Entertainment Weekly

The popular Christmas movie Elf starring Will Farrell

Watching heartwarming movies is a vital part of getting into the holiday spirit, but do you know the insane scandals and secrets behind your favorite Christmas classics?

Many unknown things surround the movie industry including shocking information about the most beloved and well-known Christmas movies of all time. From hilarious films to tearjerkers, these wild facts are sure to be a huge surprise. 

  1. The iconic scene in Elf where Buddy ends up wrestling with the mall Santa was only given a single take to be filmed. All of the elaborate Christmas decorations on the set took the art department weeks to build, so the fight had to be done right the first time. 
  2. The actor Artie Lange who played Santa revealed in an interview that their director Jon Favreau knew they needed to make destroying the crew’s hard work worth it, so he told the actors, “just go nuts.”
  3. In the film Home Alone, the tarantula scene was imprinted as terrifying yet entertaining in many kid’s minds growing up. The outstanding fact is, it was a real tarantula. The prop department created a fake tarantula to put on Daniel Stern’s face, but the director made them use a real one named Barry for a better effect. The animal control expert on set reassured Stern that screaming in the tarantula’s face for the scene would not startle Barry because he didn’t even have ears.
  4. In Santa Claus II, Tim Allen had to stay in character while around the child actors because some of them actually believed he was Santa. Allen stated in an interview that playing Santa around the younger actors was a huge amount of responsibility, “I didn’t want to disappoint them. I had to stay in character all the time, so I couldn’t swear or get mad.” 
  5. Another film that was made while being precautious of young actors’ beliefs was A Miracle on 34th St. When Natalie Wood filmed the movie, she truly thought Edmund Gwenn was Santa. “I had never seen him without his beard because he used to come in early in the morning and spend several hours putting on his wonderful beard and mustache and at the end of the shoot when we had the set party I saw the strange man without a beard and I just couldn’t get it together,” Wood commented.
  6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas is another popular Christmas movie that holds many secrets. For example, Jim Carrey‘s grinch suit was made of yak hair. The yak hair was dyed green and then sewed onto a spandex suit. Jim Carrey also ended up seeking help from a Central Intelligence Agency expert to help him relax under duress to get through the daily hours of filming on top of makeup. Reportedly 8.5 hours a day were spent just putting on his makeup. Carrey said it took so long to do that he felt like he was being burned alive every single day.
  7. In A Christmas story, Flick’s tongue was suctioned by a hidden vacuum to give off the illusion that it was frozen to the pole. 
  8. In The Nightmare Before Christmas, one single minute of footage took about a week to shoot and the whole motion movie took three years to make.
  9. Last and quite possibly least, depending on if Die Hard should truly be considered a Christmas movie or not, Bruce Willis‘s character actually had to wear fake rubber feet for most of the movie. Due to all of the glass on the ground and how many crazy stunts were going on, it was not safe for him to walk around without shoes.

When most people sit down with family and friends, they aren’t aware of some of the insane things that happened behind the scenes during production. 

While some of those facts may seem absurd and some quite reasonable, next time you snuggle up to enjoy a treasured Christmas movie you can now keep in mind the crazy things that made it all come together.