Spartans Share Passionate Opinions on Music in 2020


Rolling Stone Magazine

Sanderson Spartans are using music to help them get through 2020.

  While 2020 has been a dreadful year for many, artists in the music industry have been using their talents and releasing many different forms of content. The Sanderson High School Spartans have many differing opinions on this year’s music.

  “The Slow Rush by Tame Impala has great energy and is very sonically pleasing.” stated Junior Shane Adams. He went on to express how he has many other favorites but the Indie band would be in his top five. 

  The Weeknd is an R&B artist who put out one of the top albums of the year entitled After Hours.   

  Sophomore Sarah Jabar explained why After Hours was her favorite album this year saying, “The whole album was just great and the songs on it were fun and they just hit differently. It’s kept me going through quarantine.” 

  Ariana Grande normally focuses on pop music but Junior Anna Grace D’Amico was quick to point out how she took a turn in her recent album Positions, “We haven’t gotten an album from her in over two years since Thank u, Next, and in this album she’s exploring R&B vocals throughout the whole album, which I love.”

  Jack Dorta is a big fan of rap and even produces his own music on SoundCloud. He passionately expresses that Polo G. is someone he looks up to musically. 

  “Polo G not only showed incredible growth this year, but he was also Billboard charted with many songs on the album itself.” Dorta went on to say how he believes the American rappers music is “timeless” and “ahead of the times.” 

  Lil Uzi Vert is yet another rapper that has been shown love over 2020 and Junior Kalen Milton believes the three years it took the rapper to release the album Eternal Atake were well worth it. 

 He shared, “I’d say the deluxe is better than the original because the new tracks really expressed the hype a lot of people had for the album.”

  Junior Zaydin Thomas was quick to disagree with Dorta and Milton by saying “There were good albums but nothing worth mentioning. I’d like to see rappers rap more heartfelt and personal lyrics rather than just the general topics of guns, women, and drugs.”

  One Direction is a pop-boy band that split up in August of 2015 but their fans, the Directioners, are still supporting the boys during their solo careers. Juniors Melanie Johnson and Layal Sadik were excited to show their love for the former members Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. 

  “I think Walls by Louis Tomlinson was the best album of the year because it showcases many different kinds of music and is able to draw many different emotions from the listener.” Sadik expressed. 

  Johnson recognized how Fine Line by Harry Styles was released in December of 2019 but felt as if the album was good enough to carry through a year later. The songs were so versatile and each one was so catchy.” 

  Another pop artist, Taylor Swift, caught the attention of Junior Olivia Probst. “I think the album folklore showed the old taylor a lot and she just got out of a record label that didn’t let her sing like she used to. I think this is a very big step in her career.”

  The music streaming app, Spotify collects data through the year and in December they regurgitate that information and put it into different categories with lists of what you listened to most. This personal summary is called “Spotify Wrapped.”

  Freshman Scarlet Gaster pointed out her Spotify Wrapped list was shocking. “When it came to my songs of the year I was honestly pretty surprised. I felt as if I hadn’t listened to those songs that much except maybe in like March and April.”

  Sophomore Anna Lewis had a similar experience going through her Spotify Wrapped list and felt as if it was contradicting. “There are some songs that I still really like or forgot that I really liked and was happy to see on my Wrapped, but others are songs I listened to only once or twice that I don’t really enjoy and would rather not have.” 

  Senior Anna Stutts had a more pleasing time when viewing her list and said, “I feel like my Spotify Wrapped is super accurate. It shows the different phases that I went through in 2020.”

  Spartans are pushing through 2020 and are overall satisfied with the music that was released throughout the year and plan on keeping up with the artists they feel put out the best albums.