Anxious Students Reveal their True Thoughts about Finals Week


The Daily Tar Heel

Nervous students prepare for finals week.

  First-semester finals are right around the corner, and some Sanderson Spartans feel unprepared. Due to the ongoing pandemic, students and teachers were forced to continue schooling at home and have had to adapt to a new way of learning. 

  While there are teachers available to help, students have had to discover the best way for them to take in new material. They have to guide themselves and ask lots of questions in order to understand each course. 

  Senior Emma Jacobs says she does not feel prepared for the upcoming exams. “Teachers don’t really engage students at all. Part of me is treating it [exams] like it’s optional and the fact that I can do that is unfortunate,” she says. 

  Only Career and Technical Education and End-of-Course exams will be taken in the school building while all teacher made exams will be taken online.  

  This not only causes more stress for students that take C.T.E. or E.O.C. exams, but also for the students that are worried about catching the virus.

  Freshman Ashley Sosa-Godines understands both viewpoints of the students and the school. She says, “I feel that it is really unsafe, but it’s understandable due to the type of exams that are taking place.” 

  Other students, such as Margaret Haygood and Cindy Gonzalez believe that all exams should be taken alone. Haygood says “It’s not fair that we have to go into school to take exams, especially during this time.”

  It is questionable that students who signed up for online learning for the year also have to take their exams in person. Even parents are not pleased with this decision.

  According to an article by The News & Observer, Wake County high school parent Anders Rydberg says “When you sign up for the Virtual Academy, you kind of assume the exams will be virtual too.” 

  While virtual exams seem fair for the virtual learners, some believe that taking exams in person can stop students from cheating. However with struggling students, cheating may be difficult to control since they aren’t getting the information first hand. 

  That being said, having online exams are preferred by students but C.T.E. and E.O.C. exams will still remain in person.