An Unprecedented Season of Exams


Pelham Examiner

As the pandemic rages, staff at Wake County Public Schools are scrambling to find a safe and honest way of administering exams. 

While state-wide Career and Technology Education and End of Course exams will be held in person, most other classes will hold teacher-made exams online. 

The main problem several teachers and administrators are anticipating comes from a lack of engagement. Sanderson history teacher Rick McMillan says, “People are logging on but they are not paying attention. The lack of preparation is going to be a problem for exam season.”

Principal Gretta Dula asks that students engage with their teachers,“Take advantage of all the support out there this year more than ever. Turn on those cameras and take advantage because teachers don’t know what you need if you don’t tell them.”

Testing coordinator Margaret Lumsden states, “My advice for students is to remember that this is just one snapshot during an unprecedented time. It may not be the best snapshot, but don’t stress about testing because everything will be okay in the long run.”

Still, students remain nervous as January and exams approach ever more rapidly.