Animal Friendly Products to Start Using



Begin buying animal cruelty free products.

  Animal cruelty is a prevalent issue still being practiced by many large, well-known companies. This topic has been trending on social media apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok ever since the harsh reality of what happens to the animals used for testing became more widely known.

  Helpless animals such as bunnies, hamsters, cats, dogs, and more, get experimented on by many brands. Makeup brands are arguably the most detrimental.

  This immoral act has gone too far and needs to be stopped. To avoid animal cruelty brands, here are some animal-cruelty-free brands you should consider using.


ColourPop Cosmetics

  This LA based makeup brand is 100% animal-friendly. From face products to skin care products, this brand is purposeful. 

  It is also inclusive by having products that include diverse skin tone variations for foundation and skin care products that work for oily, normal, and dry skin. In addition, this brand is cost-efficient while still boasting superior quality. 


Milk Makeup

  This makeup brand is based in New York City. Milk originally gained popularity for its primers, but recently has drifted into other areas of makeup as well as skin care. 

  Some of their most popular items right now are their skin tints and tattoo stamps. 

  While they may be pricier than your average drug store makeup, the quality is amazing and long lasting. It’s worth it!


  Other makeup brands such as Benefit, MAC, Maybelline, and L’Oreal still test on animals to this day. Until these brands can change their ways, it is best to stop buying from them. 


The Body Shop

  The Body Shop centers their business around skin and body care products: body scrubs, soaps, face masks, exfoliators and more. Product prices can range depending on amount to quality. They even offer gift packages that would be great to give to a loved one this season. 


Alba Botanica

  It is no surprise that this all natural, vegetarian brand is cruelty free. Alba Botanica is known for their skin and hair products. 

  Their products have a range of ingredients that will care for your skin and hair in the best way. It is also inexpensive and available locally, at your nearest Target store. 


  While some may find it hard to believe that their every-day products have been tested on animals, we cannot underestimate the reach of animal-cruelty over the hair and beauty industries.  Even cleaning supplies like Windex are tested on animals. 

  Other home products such as Vaseline, Kleenex tissues, and Band-Aids are tested on animals as well. Who would have thought these regularly used products were once used to hurt animals?

  Student Margaret Haygood briefly says, “It’s not right to use these animals as experiments. They’re living creatures.”

  It is also not required by law to test on animals. According to an article by Leaping Bunny, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission do not require products to be tested on animals. 

  That being said, try your best to avoid any brand that tests on animals.